‘Dexter’ Season 7 premiere recap, review: No wussing out with Deb!

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‘Dexter’ Season 7 premiere recap, review: No wussing out with Deb!

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Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan and Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan (Season 7, episode 1) - Photo: …

The "Dexter" Season 7 premiere episode "Are You...?" went there. It's a game changer. The type of evil that would eventually land under Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) knife used to be the one major change each season. It was a big deal when Dexter's wife (Julie Benz) was murdered, but not like this. The one main constant from the beginning of the series to the Season 6 finale was that the relationship between Dex and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) was always solid. It never changed. The audacity to change that relationship makes t his episode was just about one of the best premieres of any show this season.

Deb reacts

Deb's emotional reactions always seem to engender anxiety along with laughter at her freaked-out swearing fits. There is something about Jennifer Carpenter's portrayal of Deb that causes giggling during every swear word. It doesn't matter whether you have been desensitized by such words. It works every time.

Deb's reaction to seeing Dexter's murder of the Doomsday Killer, Travis, is filled with just the right amount of F-bombs and difficulty believing what was right before her eyes. She had just realized she'd fallen in love with Dexter in a romantic way and was about to profess that love to him. And here he was, killing someone with a big freaking knife.

Dexter must kill again

Dexter decides that, in order to set things right with the world again (at least, in Dexter's psychotic, serial-killing world), he must kill again. Yep! In order to cope with nearly getting caught by the police and having his own sister learn the truth about him, he must do the very thing that caused the problems in the first place... and quickly!

Dexter's next killing actually turns out to add a bit more comedy relief to the episode, at least in the way he catches the guy. It's only fitting. When a killer murders one of their own, as this murderer (Viktor, played by Enver Gjokaj) did, you know it has to be special in some way. Viktor had killed Mike Anderson when Mike was only trying to help Viktor with a flat tire. Too bad Mike happened upon the body in the trunk. Dex caught Viktor at the airport, right when he thought he was about to get away, by tranquilizing him and dropping him into a wheelchair in the men's bathroom.

LaGuerta and Louis are getting too close for comfort

LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) finds a blood slide Dexter mistakenly leaves at the scene of Travis's murder. She includes it in the evidence pile until Masuka (C.S. Lee) informs her that Doakes (Lauren Vélez) was the only other person who used slides in such a way. LaGuerta, of course, pulls the slide out of the evidence pile, because she probably hopes to prove that she was right all along about Doakes. She did believe that it was someone else in the department who killed all those killers in the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

The intern, Louis Greene (Josh Cooke), also begins to get too close. He already has a strange infatuation with Dexter's work. Now that he is dating Dexter's son's nanny, he is able to rifle through Dexter's things. Does he secretly know about Dexter? Is he also a serial killer? We'll have to wait and see.

Deb learns the whole truth

After the beginning scenes, where Dexter lied about "snapping," and that his murder of Travis was a one-time thing, Deb begins to put two and two together. Dexter's behavior just doesn't sit right with her. Once he goes off to kill Viktor, she learns from the nanny about Dexter's "crazy hours" at the crime lab. He returns to a ransacked apartment with Deb sitting in the middle of it all, staring up at him. She asks if he killed them all. "Yes," is his answer. And then the big question: "Are you a serial killer?" He answers, "Yes." That is one serious cliffhanger to an insanely awesome episode!

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