A 'Dexter' Spinoff Starring Deb? These Other Characters Should Sign On!

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According to a recent post on TV blog Warming Glow, Showtime isn't ruling out the possibility of a "Dexter" spinoff series centered around Dexter's sister, Deb.

According to Showtime entertainment president David Nevins, "Dexter" is a "core franchise" for the network. With "Dexter" coming to an end this year, the idea of losing the most popular series on the network is likely upsetting to some Showtime execs.

"We need to get through this season and see how the dust settles, and then see where we go from there," Nevins told reporters when he was asked about the possibility for a spinoff.

If a Deb-centered spinoff does get developed, it's likely that a few "Dexter" characters would also appear on Deb's show. Here are some top picks for beloved "Dexter" characters that could make a Deb-based series work.

Vince Masuka

One thing that fans miss about "Dexter" is the show's sense of humor. In the first few seasons, "Dexter" could be laugh-out-loud funny. The only way to keep Deb's spinoff from becoming a dark pit of despair is to have a hilarious guy like Vince Masuka around.

Joey Quinn

To be fair, Joey has become a pretty unlikeable character. However, Deb's also going through a phase where she's doing some despicable things. Deb needs a love interest, and maybe she and Quinn will be perfect for each other. At the very least, he could redeem himself by taking a bullet for her.

Hannah McKay

"Dexter" works as a series because Dex always had a "Big Bad" to face off against. Without question, Deb's own "Big Bad" is Hannah McKay. She's already tried to kill Deb once, so it would be natural for the two to stay enemies in the spinoff. That being said, it might be interesting to see them team up to fight crime, vigilante-style. Stranger TV friendships have happened, after all.

Maria LaGuerta

While most fans were overjoyed when Maria LaGuerta was killed off, there is actually a kind of cool way to bring back the character for Deb's spinoff.

Dexter's conscience is represented by his dead father, Harry Morgan. Deb could become tormented by LaGuerta's death and take on her brother's habit of talking to a dead person. To make this really work, LaGuerta needs to be a tormenting figure in Deb's mind. LaGuerta can act as a conscience, but she also needs to serve as a reminder of Deb's mistakes. Harry Morgan is a ghost in Dexter's mind; LaGuerta needs to be more like a poltergeist.

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