‘Dexter’ Star’s Cryptic Tweet: What’s Happening in Season 8?

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Fans of Showtime's "Dexter" are eagerly awaiting the show's return. The upcoming eighth season is set to premiere this summer and is likely to be the show's last. Aware that "Dexter" fans are eager for any news about the upcoming season, actress Jennifer Carpenter tweeted something very cryptic regarding Season 8 that has fans in a tizzy.

The actress, who plays Dexter's sister Deb, took to Twitter on March 19 and wrote, "100% my most challenging day on Dexter. In my 8 yrs of working here I've never been so intimidated by scenes like I am by these."

Almost as soon as she sent that tweet, fans started speculating about what Carpenter's tweet could mean. Over the show's long history, Deb has been kidnapped, rescued two children from a fire, shot, viewed explicit scenes of murder, and witnessed her brother killing a man in cold blood.

In the show's most recent season, she also admitted her romantic feelings towards her own (adopted) brother, and killed Maria LaGuerta. With such an intense backstory, it's amazing to fans that anything Carpenter will do in Season 8 could be more challenging than those past scenes.

So, what "challenging," "intimidating" scene could Carpenter have been shooting? Here are some theories about what Deb will do in Season 8.

1. A love scene

Something that could have prompted Carpenter's comments might be a love scene between Dexter and Deb. This would be doubly hard for Carpenter: Not only would such a scene be a high-stakes moment for her character, but such a love scene would also force Carpenter to be intimate with her ex-husband, Michael C. Hall. "Challenging" would be an understatement.

2. A kill scene

Deb already killed someone last season in order to cover up Dexter's past. Could it be that Deb has become a full-on apprentice to her brother in Season 8? Perhaps Carpenter's tweet referred to a scene where Deb completed her first kill in the style of her brother -- complete with plastic wrap.

3. A rape scene

Over the past eight years, Carpenter's character has undergone many painful and frightening experiences, but she has never undergone the most painful of experiences a person can endure: a sexual assault.

Fans already know that Season 8 will feature a hit man named Javier Guzman, who will be angered when Deb comes between him and a person he's been paid to kill. What if Guzman assaults Deb? No "Dexter" fan wants to think about one of their favorite characters being brutalized in such a way, but the darkness of that experience could give Deb a "Dark Passenger" of her own.

Whatever Carpenter's cryptic tweet was referring to, one thing is clear: The upcoming season of "Dexter" is going to be intense.

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