How Did Julianne Hough Score as a Guest Judge on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

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Julianne Hough's guest-judging stint on "Dancing With the Stars" had a little bit of everything: Constructive critiques, an update on her relationship status (she's single, Brant Daugherty, in case you were wondering!), and scores that were identical to Bruno and Carrie Ann's! All in all, a successful segue to the judges' panel for the two-time mirrorball champ.

But how do her fellow pro dancers think she did?

According to Us Weekly, after the show, Mark Ballas said, "The one comment for me that was a little funny is that I make it all about me ... all the critiques were at me, and not at [Christina Milian]. So I thought that was a little hypocritical comment."

Ballas was referring to this doozy that came from Hough following his foxtrot with partner Christina Milian. "There were moments where I felt like choreography-wise, I felt like it was two people dancing side-by-side rather than together," the newbie judge said. "So I really want to see [Milian] shine. I've danced with Mark. You have to stand in front to make sure you're seen."

Oh no, she di'int!

Backstage, in an interview with "Entertainment Weekly," Ballas said, "She put a little sting on me, but that's okay. That's how she felt. It is what it is."

Milian added, "We take the high road. As long as we know that we did a fantastic job, that makes me happy."

See Mark Ballas and Christina Milian's foxtrot and Julianne Hough's critique:  

Ironically, before the show started, Hough vowed to be a fair and honest judge, and she emphasized that she'd be judging the celebrity contestant, not the pro: "It is not about the professional; it's about the celebrity dancers. I'm gonna be tough on them if I think they deserve it. I'm definitely not gonna hold back."

One couple she didn't have to hold back on was her brother, Derek, and his partner Amber Riley. While some cried foul over the idea of a Hough judging her sibling on the show (Corbin Bleu expressed concern over "nepotism," while Karina Smirnoff told Entertainment Weekly, "In the professional ballroom world, you are not allowed to judge any competition if you have any family members in the competition. But hey, it's a TV show!"), it wasn't an issue.

While Derek Hough -- who's a four-time champion on the show -- jokingly tried to bribe his kid sis with a $10 bill after his tango with Riley, the dance was so impressive that she had no choice but to praise it.

"I was actually hoping something would go terribly wrong so I would give you a horrible score so that I wouldn't get in trouble for liking your performance," she said, before giving them a score of 9. "But holy cow, you were wonderful."

After the show, Derek told E! News he totally understood what his sister meant about "hoping something would go terribly wrong" with his dance.

"Julianne and I are so honest with each other, I understand what she meant tonight. She said she kind of wanted there to be something she could say [to critique the performance] so that she wouldn't seem biased," he said. "But I know that if she wanted to, she would have taken much pleasure in doing that."

So what kind of score did Derek give his sister's judging style? After the show, he tweeted:

"Dancing With the Stars" Season 17 airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

See photos of the Season 17 performances:

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