Did the 'Supernatural' Season 8 premiere provide enough hype to last the rest of the season?

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"Supernatural" Season 8 needed to start with a bang in order to keep viewers and fans interested for the rest of the year. It's difficult to keep a show exciting after it's been around as long as "Supernatural." Did the "Supernatural" Season 8 premiere episode, "We Need to Talk About Kevin," provide enough hype for the rest of the season?

The prophet Kevin set the goal for the season

The most important thing for a season premiere is to set the ultimate goal. Kevin claims to have a tablet with a spell that will close the gates of hell forever. The Winchesters will attempt to make this happen and will have trouble along the way. The idea of closing the gates of hell is a little exciting but not mind blowing. If they close the gates, who will the Winchesters fight after that? Will the show end? Nope. There are plenty of monsters, and viewers now know it is possible for humans to get into purgatory and back out with monster friends. It could, however, mean the end of Crowley, who has become the season's main bad guy.

The lack of information about 'the angel' disappoints

The trailer for "Supernatural" Season 8 showed Cass, but the premiere only gave vague references to his possible demise. Most likely, those scenes in the trailer were of Cass in purgatory before Dean had "seen enough" and deemed the angel useless. The premiere could have shown a glimpse of Cass, even if it was just a flashback at the end, to get fans excited. Fans hopeful for more of Cass would jump from their chairs upon seeing the crazy angel. The show wouldn't have to reveal him again until necessary or not at all, but that hope would exist.

The end of "We Need to Talk About Kevin" needed a cliffhanger

The Season 8 premiere ended with vampire Benny making some vague nonsensical comments about how purgatory is "pure" and he should have appreciated it more like Dean. What does that mean? It's impossible to guess right now, but it certainly didn't perk up viewers' ears or put them on the edge of their seats. Did Dean go all carnal in purgatory? Most likely, in order to survive. He couldn't have done anything worse than he did in hell. The most the phone call did for viewers was tell them that vampire Benny would return, most likely when he needs help. That or Dean goes to him for help. The cliffhanger is whether Benny proves an ally or villain.

The premiere had one emotional moment

"Supernatural" isn't about sappy moments, but it does use emotional moments in order to mess with a characters' mental states. The one thing the season premiere did right was kill Channing. Why? Because it showed viewers that Crowley might have funny quips and sometimes helped the Winchesters, but that he's also a cruel demon. He snapped Channing's neck only when Kevin could see it. He made Kevin watch his girlfriend die. What makes it even worse? Kevin chose for her die. He knew that by escaping, she would end up dead. Now Kevin feels guilt and has taken his first step toward becoming more like the Winchesters.

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