Dissecting ‘The Borgias’ Season 3 teaser: What to expect this season

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In case you missed it, the teaser for Season 3 of Showtime's lush period drama "The Borgias" was released in January. Fans can catch the teaser (entitled "Father, Son, Unholy Spirit") on Showtime's official "Borgias" page.

While the teaser runs for less than a minute, there are tons of juicy clips and slips of the tongue that have fans very excited for the upcoming season, which premieres in April. While the teaser is short, there are a couple of key details in the video that betray big secrets about what will happen to the Borgia clan is Season 3. Here are some of the big events that "Borgias" fans can look forward to this season.

This might be the season where Cesare and Lucrezia cross the line

Without question, the biggest implication from the teaser is that Cesare and Lucrezia are finally going to consummate their incestous attraction to one another, after two seasons of dancing around the issue. The two are seen in bed together, about to lock lips. "It seems only a Borgia can love a Borgia," Lucrezia is heard saying at the end of the trailer.

But fans should remember that there's no guarantee that kiss they saw will be completed. They two could be interrupted before they can do anything, or Cesare might stop himself from crossing that line (take another look at the beginning of the clip, which might show Cesare leaving a naked Lucrezia, rather than coming to meet her). Alternatively, the whole sequence could just be a dream.

Caterina Sforza is back!

Complicating matters on whether Lucrezia and Cesare should consummate their desires is the fact that Caterina Sforza is back on the scene. In an interview for Yahoo! TV last year, Francois Arnaud clarified his character's Season 2 relationship with Caterina Sforza, saying "It's definitely not love; it's a competition, but it's a sexy one."

The Pope survives...and might get the ultimate revenge

Some fans might argue this is the biggest news from the teaser, but was there really any doubt that Jeremy Irons would return for Season 3? The Pope is seen struggling with della Rovere, and later seen smugly smoking a cigar. Is the Pope going to kill off his major rival? It seems unlikely, given della Rovere's historic importance...but it could happen.

There's a more intriguing scene that almost seems like it could be from a post-poisoning "fever dream." The Pope is seen being drawn toward a hole in the ground by a young boy, who then falls into the ground. Perhaps the boy represents a young Rodrigo Borgia? Or perhaps a young Juan?

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