'Doctor Who' prepares for series 7: Daleks, dinosaurs, and angels! Oh my!

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'Doctor Who' prepares for series 7: Daleks, dinosaurs, and angels! Oh my!

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Matt Smith and Karen Gillian

"Doctor Who" fans, also known as Whovians, are doing the dance of joy this month because BBC America has announced that Series 7 of the cult-status show is imminent. So when is the show set to air exactly? No official date has been set, but many fan websites speculate that the show will air near the end of August. Here is what has been revealed about Series 7 so far (warning - spoilers!):

What the preview and trailer reveal

Earlier this year the BBC released the first preview, which showed a very cool Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy Pond (Karen Gillian), and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) getting into some trouble in the Wild West. The trailer, released on August 2 shows The Doctor in some hot water with his old enemies: the Daleks. If Daleks weren't enough of a challenge, some very angry looking dinosaurs on a spaceship also seem to be in the mix somehow. In an interview with MTV Geek, the head writer of "Doctor Who," Steven Moffat, said, "You'll see more Daleks than you've ever seen before, and you'll see more different types of Daleks than you've ever seen before." It also looks like the Weeping Angels will be making a come back, too. And, of course, there is a ridiculous amount of running.

The Doctor in New York

Earlier this year, New Yorkers had the treat of spotting The Doctor and his companions, Amy and Rory, fighting off some old enemies in the Big Apple. Some pictures from the set show the group enjoying a picnic in Central Park.

Spoilers: River Song will reappear

Steven Moffat, the head writer of the show, has said the River Song (Alex Kingston) still has more stories to tell in the new series. More may be revealed about her travels with The Doctor and something she refers to as "night journeys" in her diary.

The Doctor will say "good-bye" to Amy and Rory

The Doctor's companions, Amy and Rory, will be making an exit this season. But how and when? In March, Moffat tweeted that Amy and Rory will leave the show "in a final encounter with the Weeping Angels in Episode 5. Not everyone gets out alive, and I mean it this time." The ominous sounding tweet is alluding to the funny fact that Rory has "died" numerous times since he started in the series. The faithful companions are set to be replaced by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman.

"Doctor Who" isn't just a "British thing" anymore

While "Doctor Who" may have official cult-status in the UK, more and more Americans are also becoming die-hard fans. This year at Comic Con, the cast of "Doctor Who" was greeted with overwhelming zeal and enthusiasm. If there was any doubt about the show's growing popularity, Matt Smith (the latest Doctor) and the TARDIS are gracing the cover of the U.S.'s Entertainment Weekly this August; "Doctor Who" is the first British show ever to make the publication's cover.

More surprises are expected as the time draws nearer for the new season to begin. On August 5 it was revealed that Richard E. Grant will star as a villain in the upcoming Christmas special. Whovians will have to keep their eyes glued to the web, so they'll know as soon as BBC America announces an exact air date.

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