What does she see in him? Female TV characters who could do so much better

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It's a long-standing TV convention: If there's a smart, beautiful woman on a show, chances are she is either dating or married to a guy that is completely beneath her. Whether the guy is fat, old, mean, or just plain wrong for the girl, the gal will be head over heels for him. Here are some prime examples of female TV characters who could do so much better than the men they are with.

Juliet, "Psych"

For nearly the show's entire run, Juliet has either been interested in Shawn or actually dating him. But now that's she's been dating him for a while, it's getting harder to understand why she stays with him.

To be fair, it was easy to see why she liked him in earlier seasons: Shawn is quite handsome and funny. And of course, she was really impressed with his crime-solving "psychic" skills.

But these days, Juliet fans are wondering what she still sees in Shawn. As The A.V. Club's Kevin McFarland wrote in his review of the Season 7 premiere, "The emotional toll Shawn inflicts on Juliet throughout their relationship belies the commitment she shows him in times of need." Shawn might love her, but he does a bad job of showing it.

Pam, "The Office"

Roy left Pam at a hockey game after forgetting her on a date. A date, by the way, where Roy's brother was in attendance. Thankfully, Pam finally got out of that relationship.

That being said, Pam's not exactly happy in her marriage to Jim this season, and with good reason. Working in different cities (with poor Pam taking care of two kids on her own many nights) is tough on a marriage. But Jim has been so stressed out that he's making things worse by snapping at Pam and keeping secrets from her.

Jim and Pam clearly belong together, but with all their marriage troubles this season, it's hard to see why Pam hasn't kicked Jim out (at least temporarily) for all the heartbreak he's been causing her. It's not like he doesn't have someplace to sleep.

Dr. Jennifer Keller, "Stargate Atlantis"

Can anyone explain why Dr. Keller ditched the kind, brave, and utterly ripped Ronon for the acerbic, arrogant, and annoying Dr. Rodney McKay? It's not that McKay is a bad guy, exactly, but he does have an annoying tendency to talk about his citrus allergy all the time. Keller had a good thing going with Ronon; how did Rodney even catch her eye?

Agent 99, "Get Smart"

See how old this TV archetype is? Even in the golden age of TV, amazing female characters were settling for guys that were wrong for them. How could a great agent like 99 even have any respect for Max?

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