Don’t I Know You From Somewhere? TV Shows Featuring Celebrity Doppelgangers

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Fans of the "Ocean's" franchise will undoubtedly recall that in "Ocean's Twelve," Tess decides to pull off a con where she pretends to be Julia Roberts. It's a little wink to the audience, since Tess is being played by Julia Roberts herself.

This sort of thing happens on TV from time to time, as well. It's not uncommon for shows to comment on the physical similarities between an actor on the show and another famous celebrity. Here are some popular sitcoms that feature some very funny jokes about celebrity doppelgangers.


A long-running joke on "Psych" is the fact that Gus, played by Dulé Hill, looks a lot like Deon Richmond -- who played Bud on "The Cosby Show." Shawn even jokingly introduced Gus as "Deon Richmond" in one episode, much to the disgust of Gus. In another episode ("Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast"), Gus is actually mistaken for Bud twice by other characters.

"2 Broke Girls"

In the Season 2 premiere of this CBS sitcom, Caroline dons a brunette wig in order to attend a property auction incognito. The dark wig brings out facial features in actress Beth Behrs that don't usually pop when she's a blonde, and viewers suddenly realized that she looks a lot like some other big name actresses. The episode sees Caroline introduced as all of these actresses, including Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Katie Holmes.

"Mad About You"

In one notable episode of "Mad About You," Jamie describes herself as looking like Jodie Foster. It's a funny moment that plays up the fact that many Americans consistently mix up Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster. The two women do look quite similar, though Jodie Foster was an established star first.


"Community" is rife with jokes about how the Greendale population looks like celebrities. Troy once compared the Dean to the musician Moby, while Jeff is constantly being compared to Ryan Seacrest.

There's even a whole episode in the show's third season called "Contemporary Impressionists," where the study group moonlights as celebrity impersonators at a party. Shirley becomes an Oprah look-alike, Annie becomes Judy Garland, and Troy and Britta both dress as Michael Jackson. Troy is the early-career MJ, while Britta is late-career, post-rhinoplasty MJ. French Stewart guest stars as Vinnie, a French Stewart impersonator.

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