'Drop Dead Diva' is resurrected from cancellation

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The dramedy/fantasy show "Drop Dead Diva" has been haunting Lifetime for the last four seasons, but the network decided to cancel the show. After a bit of a fight from Sony Pictures TV, "Drop Dead Diva" is back from the dead for at least one more season. A show becoming un-canceled is a very rare thing. It is more common for a show nearing cancellation to find rescue, but resurrection? Here's how it happened for "Drop Dead Diva."

Sony Pictures Television uses its power and less money

Production company Sony Pictures TV has tons of power. The company knows how to negotiate to keep its show alive and well. "Drop Dead Diva" isn't the first Sony Pictures TV show to get the boot and then come back alive. Apparently, Lifetime had threatened to shut down the show unless Sony managed to spend less money on production. When no settlement came about, Lifetime canceled the show. Did Sony Pictures TV finally realize that Lifetime meant business and managed to work out a less costly way to bring "Drop Dead Diva" to the masses? It seems likely, because the show is back, and it seems unlikely that Lifetime would have agreed to spend the same amount of money.

A big bang cliffhanger kept fans wanting more

What happens when a popular show gets canceled right after a huge cliffhanger? Fans go nuts. They send angry letters, sign petitions, and beg in the streets for the show to come back and get some kind of resolution. It doesn't always work, but it's more likely to work when the cliffhanger had the potential for a huge story arc, and the cliffhanger at the end of "Drop Dead Diva" had that potential. Some fans were unhappy with the cliffhanger, while others were excited. Either way, these fans what to know what will happen next.

'Drop Dead Diva' appealed to the everyday crowd

Turn on any channel and the actors are all young, perfect, skinny, and annoying. "Drop Dead Diva" is about a woman of average size, and the show relies on humor and teaches many lessons about accepting people for who they are. TV needs a show like "Drop Dead Diva," because it's so rare. Lifetime knew this show needed to survive. Sony Pictures TV knew it. The fans knew it. That mean the groups were more willing and motivated to work out a plan to keep the show going.

What could happen with 'Drop Dead Diva' now?

"Drop Dead Diva" has done pretty well for itself on Lifetime. It's certainly not the biggest show on TV, but it has a large fanbase. Now that the show has been all over the news thanks to the rare resurrection, more TV viewers might give it a chance. That means more fans and better ratings. The show might even stay alive for more than five seasons. Better yet, Sony Pictures TV, with all that power, could try and get the show on a newer, larger network. "Drop Dead Diva" just might survive and thrive.

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