‘DWTS’: Karina Smirnoff dishes on trio dances and why Apolo Ohno should star in the next ‘Matrix’

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Previous "DWTS" champion J.R. Martinez with Karina Smirnoff and Apolo Ohno.

It's week eight on "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars," and pro dancer Karina Smirnoff and her partner, Apolo Ohno, proved one thing for sure: Three is definitely not a crowd when teamed up with "DWTS" troupe member Sasha Farber.

Karina chatted with us about this week's zippy tango, her threesome with Apolo and Sasha in the trio dance round, Carrie Ann Inaba's eagle eyes, and the risks that she -- and her "DWTS" competitors -- took this week.

Ballroom blitz

It was a week of risky business, starting with the ballroom round and Karina and Apolo's tango to the Bonnie Tyler song "Holding Out For a Hero." With this week's double elimination looming, Apolo said it was "time to not play it safe." That meant a crazy move in the form of a zipline entrance from the skybox to the other side of the dance floor. But what did Karina have to say about this risky start to their dance?

"Actually my first initial idea was Apolo jumping out onto the crash mats from the skybox and then running to me," she said. "And when I told him that idea he looks at me and goes, 'Have you lost your mind? Do you see how high that is?'"

They decided to go with the "safer" zipline idea, and now Karina thinks her partner has some definite star power.

"If they come out with a new 'Mission Impossible' or "Matrix,' they should cast [Apolo] because that jump was spectacular!" she said.

Trio dance

The couple definitely took another chance with this week's trio dance. With the addition of pro dancer Sasha Farber for their jive trio, the dynamic duo knew they were taking a huge risk by having Apolo mirror the pro move for move. But it paid off -- to the tune of 29 points -- and Karina tells us the threesome's jive to "Greased Lightening" was something she had thought about for a while; she's a huge fan of the movie "Grease." It was never even a consideration to ask a female pro dancer to join their trio.

"I knew from the get-go we wanted Sasha because he's athletic, he's fun. We have an amazing friendship, so it's easy to work together," she dished. "And Apolo would have a great dancer to copycat and watch … I think the chemistry between the three of us and how the dance came together just turned out to be perfect."

The pro dancer did have a few choice words to say about judge Carrie Ann Inaba's comments. "I'm so proud of Apolo," Karina said. "He nailed that jive, and I seriously think Carrie Ann is turning into a hawk, because she sees everything, including super minor details, and calls them out."

As for her opponent Derek Hough's tribal-themed samba trio with Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas, the Ukrainian dancer says she doesn't think that threesome made a mistake with their risky routine, despite the fact that Len Goodman dinged them with a 7 and a testy comment about their lack of samba content.

"This season more than any season, it's about the fans," Karina said. "Entertaining the fans and entertaining the people at home is what we're all aiming to do."

Next week sneak peek

So what does the pro powerhouse have in store for us next week? "We have four dances left that we didn't do -- which are Argentine tango, rumba, slow waltz and salsa -- so we will definitely do two out of those four," she told us.

One thing that is for certain? Next week is a tribute to Michael Jackson's "Bad," so no matter what Karina and Apolo do, we're sure it will be good, err, bad to the bone!

Be sure to check out Karina Smirnoff and Apolo Ohno on the "Dancing With the Stars" week eight results show on Tuesday, 11/13 at 8 PM EST on ABC.

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