‘El Rostro De La Venganza’: Elizabeth Gutiérrez gets a gruesome exit from show

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After weeks of speculation, viewers have finally received an answer to how Elizabeth Gutiérrez will exit "El Rostro De La Venganza." The show has staged a gruesome murder for her character, Mariana San Lucas, so that she could end her contract. This has also created a new plotline since the identity of the killer has not been revealed.

The gruesome murder of Mariana San Lucas

"El Rostro De La Venganza" gives viewers one of the most gruesome murders ever filmed on a telenovela. An assassin dressed in a black hoodie approaches a sleeping Mariana San Lucas with an electric drill. The unidentified killer attacks her and uses the drill on her stomach. Mariana is left in a puddle of blood that turns the white sheets of her bed red.

Martín's confusion after the murder

Although the identity of Mariana's killer has not been revealed, there are many who believe Martín Méndez is responsible. Mariana San Lucas is shown alone in the bedroom before the killer comes into her room. However, Martín wakes up next to her body the following day and is covered in blood. Is he the murderer or has he been framed by the real killer? Martín Méndez has no memory of the previous night and struggles to understand how Mariana could have died.

Unfortunately, Martín Méndez does not get the chance to search for evidence or answers because he is forced to flee the crime scene. After he answers the door, a maid sees the body of Mariana, and Martín barely has enough time to escape before the police arrive. His fingerprints are on the murder weapon, but he still has no memory of killing Mariana.

Mariana's enemies

Ezequiel Alvarado seems to be another suspect in the death of Mariana San Lucas. Mariana recently abandoned him for Martín Méndez. Despite Ezequiel's threats, Mariana decided to stay with Martín, and they began to make plans for the future. However, "El Rostro De La Venganza" makes it unlikely that Ezequiel could have murdered her, because he is in another part of town. Nevertheless, he could have hired an assassin to get revenge. Another popular possibility is that Alicia Ferrer, the new addition to the cast, could have been involved in the murder, because she is in love with Martín. "El Rostro De La Venganza" has hinted that Marlene Favela, who portrays Alicia Ferrer, will be a villain on the show.

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