‘El Rostro De La Venganza’: Similarities to ‘La Casa De Al Lado’

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Many telenovelas borrow generously from past shows while some completely copy old plots, but "El Rostro de la Venganza" has created its own rules. The show has many similarities to "La Casa de al Lado" without being a true remake. By borrowing the same actors, placing them in related roles and filming in Miami again, executive producer Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll has created a unique blend.

Maritza Rodríguez as Antonia Villarroel

Maritza Rodríguez has been cast as Antonia Villarroel in "El Rostro de la Venganza" and shares the same profession as her character in "La Casa de al Lado." There are few differences between the roles, and the main one seems to be Antonia's darker hair. In "La Casa de al Lado," Maritza Rodríguez played a naive psychiatrist and has essentially reprised the role in the new telenovela.

Antonia Villarroel is also a psychiatrist who is trying to save a man and find the truth. Similar to Pilar Arismendi in "La Casa de al Lado," she is attempting to find the true identity of a serial killer while risking her personal life. She shares the same characteristics of loyalty, dedication, and gullibility seen in her previous role.

David Chocarro as Diego Mercader

David Chocarro has been cast as Diego Mercader in "El Rostro de la Venganza" and has returned to the similar role seen in "La Casa de al Lado." To make things more complex, the production crew has decided to make the character take on the fake name of Martín Méndez in "El Rostro de la Venganza." As Diego Mercader, David is reprising a gentler version of Adolfo from "La Casa de al Lado."

Diego Mercader has been accused of murder and spends two decades in prison. With the help of Antonia Villarroel, he is freed and assumes the identity of Martín Méndez to rebuild his life. Similar to Adolfo in "La Casa de al Lado," Diego is troubled, insecure, and difficult.

The two shows

Executive producer Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll seems to have recognized the chemistry between David Chocarro and Maritza Rodríguez in "La Casa de al Lado." Although they did not share many scenes initially in the previous telenovela, the appearance of Maritza's twin sister in the plot allowed them to join forces. However, Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll appears to be regretting the decision to cast Maritza Rodríguez. Her character, Antonia Villarroel, has been killed in a recent episode by Felicia Mercado, who played Eva in "La Casa de al Lado." It is possible that this may be a typical telenovela death that allows for her role to be reprised later, but the production staff has not confirmed this.

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