‘Elementary’ episode ‘Details’ recap: Meet Detective Bell

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‘Elementary’ episode ‘Details’ recap: Meet Detective Bell

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"Details"-- on ELEMENTARY, on Thursday, Feb. 14 (10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. …

Thursday's "Elementary" episode "Details" finally resolved two problems. It gave Det. Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill) a proper introduction, and it put Watson (Lucy Liu) in a more stable position as Sherlock's (Jonny Lee Miller) crime-solving partner. Introducing Marcus was part of the main mystery of the week, while Watson's place in Sherlock's life was part of the comedic relief of the episode.

Defend yourself, Watson!

The episode started off with a bit of humor when Sherlock put Watson's ability to defend herself to the test, resulting in her falling flat on her face. Poor Watson! The abuse continues throughout the episode, as Sherlock continues to throw balls (which could be knives, as Sherlock insists) at Watson. She retaliates by knocking a wall of locks, which Sherlock had arranged by country of origin, to the floor. They really know how to get under each others' skin!

Marcus is on someone's hit list

Someone follows Marcus, then shoots at him, causing him to flip his car. He only has minor injuries, but it's clear that someone is after him. Sherlock compliments Marcus on the large number of people who want to kill him. According to Sherlock, there's no greater compliment to a detective than a long list of criminals who hate him.

Marcus thinks the culprit must be Curtis Bradshaw (Anwan Glover), a man Marcus put away, but who had been let loose because of an anonymous tip about planted evidence. Soon after, Bradshaw is found dead with Marcus set up to take the fall for the hit. Sherlock finds the murder weapon in Marcus's apartment, but hides it, knowing Marcus didn't have anything to do with the murder.

Meet Andre Bell

Marcus immediately suspects Andre (Malcolm Goodwin), his ex-con brother, of the crime. Everything seems to fit, except for the fact that, well, why would his brother do such a thing? When his brother is then shot, Marcus is set up once again -- except that Andre writes "was not Marcus" in his own blood. That's got to make Marcus feel guilty! Luckily, Andre survives but has another guilt trip in store for his brother: He never saw the man who shot him! He just knew Marcus wouldn't have done such a thing and attempted to protect his brother by writing a message in his own blood as he lay dying on the floor. Talk about a guilt trip!

Marcus was too good for his own good

Marcus wasn't exactly "too good," but simply did the right thing in the face of corrupt cops. He was the one who tipped off IA about planted evidence, meaning Sherlock has been looking at the wrong pool of suspects. Once Sherlock has this information, he makes short work of the mystery, finding the female cop culprit through guns she had stolen from a crime scene where the bullet profiles matched the new set of shootings.

Watson finally knows her place

As viewers probably suspected, Sherlock knew that Watson was lying about having her contract as Sherlock's sober companion renewed. He initially believed that she stuck around just to help because of the problems he faced after attempting to kill Moriarty out of revenge. But he soon realized that she was staying for other reasons.

Consequently, Sherlock offers her a new career as "companion" rather than "sober companion," for the same pay she was receiving before her contract was up. She accepts the deal, but with one more caveat "for this to work": She throws a basketball in Sherlock's face, claiming it "could have been a knife." Now they're even. Sherlock stands there in pain as he rubs his nose, no doubt having second thoughts about his "defense training program" for Watson.

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