‘Elementary’ episode ‘Flight Risk’ recap: Trust issues

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‘Elementary’ episode ‘Flight Risk’ recap: Trust issues

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"Flight Risk" - Using his powers of deductive reasoning, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan ( Lucy …

The "Elementary" episode "Flight Risk" was a good mystery, as always. Once again, however, the most interesting part of the episode was on the character development side. Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) seems increasingly annoyed by Watson's (Lucy Liu) prodding, but she won't stop until she finds out what makes him tick. Sherlock's personality demands privacy, while Watson's demands invading that privacy. How will they ever get along? Is it even possible for them to get along?

Watson meets the "family"

Watson wants Sherlock to come with her to meet his father. Although his father hired Watson, she has never met him in person. Sherlock insists that his father does not care about either of them and never will. When Sherlock insists on going to check out a downed airplane, despite the fact that it most likely does not involve murder, she believes it is because he is avoiding the meeting with his father.

When Watson finally meets "Mr. Holmes," he seems very friendly. He even tells her a story about Sherlock falling off a fence and breaking a wrist. He tried to set it himself, then got a tattoo to cover the scar.

But then "Mr. Holmes" asks about sex. He believes that sex must be included in Watson's exorbitant fees. Watson is shocked for a moment, until she realizes it's all an act. "Mr. Holmes" isn't really Mr. Holmes at all. Sherlock set up the whole thing.

Sherlock shares something "private"

Watson still believed it was strange that Sherlock wanted to get involved in the plane crash case in the first place -- before he knew that it involved a murder. She gets upset that he never shares anything personal with her at all. She decides that she can't trust him; he's basically a stranger to her.

Sherlock tries to gain some of her trust by telling her how he feels about planes. He has a very difficult time flying, because he notices every miniscule problem, which causes him to freak out. Watson is still mad at Sherlock, because he didn't tell her anything she hadn't already figured out on her own.

Sherlock will try to leave if Watson keeps pushing

Watson finds the man, Allistair (Roger Rees), who pretended to be Mr. Holmes. He is an actor who had become friends with Sherlock. He warns Watson that she can't push Sherlock to relate to her like a normal human being, or he'll bolt. Still, she wants to find out more about Sherlock, so she'll know better what to do in her job as a sober companion.

Watson knows about "Irene"

Allistair told Watson about how Sherlock kept saying a name over and over while he was high on drugs. Once Sherlock sobered up, he told his friend the name meant nothing. That is enough for Watson to want to confront Sherlock. At the end of the episode, she simply says, "I know about Irene." This name must be significant, because Sherlock stops in his tracks and does the slow turn toward Watson. Perhaps the real reason for Sherlock's tattoo was to cover up an "Irene" tattoo. We'll have to wait to find out more about the significance of the name.

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