‘Elementary’ episode ‘A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs’ recap: Sherlock’s real friends

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‘Elementary’ episode ‘A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs’ recap: Sherlock’s real friends

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"A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"-- Sherlock's ex-drug dealer and friend, Rhys (guest star John Hannah, …

The "Elementary" episode "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs" is all about Sherlock's (Jonny Lee Miller) relationship with drugs. The mystery takes a backseat this time -- until the end. It's all connected to Sherlock's drug abuse in one way or another. His old drug supplier, Rhys (John Hannah), visits in need of help. His daughter Emily (Allie Gallerani) has been kidnapped, and a video ransom demand has been sent. Rhys has lost all his money that could have paid the ransom, and involving the cops will result in Emily's death. Sherlock must use tremendous willpower to maintain his sobriety in the face of constant reminders of his past as he works the case.

The naked friend

The episode starts off on a humorous note as Watson (Lucy Liu) is introduced to Rhys by way of an encounter with a naked man outside her room. She calls to Sherlock to come "now!" Sherlock seems a bit dumbfounded as his naked friend stands there, worried about finding Emily. Watson would prefer speaking about Rhys's problems while he is wearing clothes, so he promptly walks into Watson's room to change. Sherlock informs her that Rhys used to stay in Watson's room while he was dealing drugs.

The DEA agent

Sherlock tries to find clues in Emily's room, which leads him to a nightclub. Sherlock gets into trouble right away when he gets into it with an undercover DEA agent (Michael Irby). The agent gives Sherlock a swift beating while whispering into his ear that Sherlock is barking up the wrong tree; nobody there is involved.

Watson protects Sherlock

Watson finds Rhys doing drugs in her room! Needless to say, she's furious. Anyone would be, but especially a sober companion. She threatens Rhys with bringing the cops on the case if he so much as mentions drugs to Sherlock. Unfortunately, there's only so much she can do.

The drug test

When Sherlock is unable to solve the mystery right away, Rhys attempts to convince Sherlock that he needs drugs to do his job. Sherlock's logic and deductive reasoning are only part of his job; the other part involves making creative connections. Rhys feels that Sherlock will be able to figure the whole thing out in two seconds, if only he would do a little crack. What a lovely friend (sarcasm). Sherlock continues to keep his cool and refuses to give in to drugs.

The kidnapper gives Sherlock the finger

The kidnappers believe Sherlock and Watson are some sort of cops and send a warning in the form of Emily's finger. At least the finger allows Sherlock to obtain a few more clues. He sees that it has a burn mark from a radiator that would be found in a pre-war building. He also tastes (yuck!) food residue from an Ethiopian restaurant. Unfortunately, Sherlock finds too many pre-war buildings next to Ethiopian restaurant to get them any closer to solving the case.

The ultimate test

After getting the finger from Emily, Rhys is desperate. He offers Sherlock some "medicine," and literally begs Sherlock to give it a go. He's just positive that Sherlock will solve the case right away, if only he'll go back to using drugs. After a moment of thought, Sherlock flips out, angered that his "friend" would dangle a life-destroyer in front of his face.

Daddy helps out

Sherlock calls his dad for the ransom money. But when he goes out to trade the money for Emily, he is met with an ambush. It turns out the DEA agent was involved after all. He shows up at Sherlock's apartment to threaten Watson and Rhys with a gun. When Rhys goes for the gun, the agent shoots him, while Watson grabs a statue and hits the agent over the head, incapacitating him. The agent refuses to admit he was involved, but the fact that he was involved narrows the search considerably, allowing the cops to find Emily.

Rhys survives, and Sherlock tells him that he never wants to see or hear from him again. Sherlock then confesses everything to Watson about being offered drugs. He decides to go to a group meeting so that "others may find inspiration" in his story. Nice job, Sherlock!

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