'Elementary' Episode 'A Landmark Story' Recap: Moriarty is Back!

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'Elementary' Episode 'A Landmark Story' Recap: Moriarty is Back!

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"A Landmark Story "-- F. Murray Abraham (left) pictured with Jonny Lee Miller (right) and Lucy Liu (center) …

Moriarty is back for the "Elementary" episode "A Landmark Story," and he sends out his henchmen, once again. This time, they are much more clever than Moran (Vinnie Jones), the gruff "sledgehammer," as Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) labels him. The new men are Moriarty's "scalpels."

The pacemaker hacker

A clever-looking man pushes a button on a computer, and another man clenches his chest. The mysterious man -- "The Actuary" (F. Murray Abraham) -- makes himself known to the man with the hacked pacemaker -- Van Der Hoff (Byron Jennings) -- in whose house he's sitting. The Actuary forces the man to vote Revoke on restoring an old speakeasy, right before killing him at the push of a button.

Sherlock pays a visit to Moran

Sherlock visits with Moran to find out more information about Moriarty, and Moran informs him that he can find what he's looking for by first locating the man who killed Van Der Hoff. With that, Moran tells Sherlock to keep quiet about what they discussed, then attempts to kill the only guard in the room before being dragged off.

Watson breaks the rules... again

Sherlock and Watson (Lucy Liu) break into a mortuary in order to check Van Der Hoff's body. Sherlock wants Watson to perform an autopsy, but she initially refuses. It is not until Sherlock attempts to do it himself -- crudely -- that she intervenes. Sherlock is humorously -- and somewhat creepily -- transfixed by smooth strokes of Watson's scalpel. All the signs point to a possible electrical shock. Sherlock confirms that it is possible to hack the pacemaker Van Der Hoff was wearing with a bit of Internet research.

More circuitous routes to death

The Actuary seems to enjoy taking the long way around to kill people. He kills a second man in a freak accident air-conditioner fall, but once Sherlock is on his trail and finds his next target, there's no escape. Sherlock deduces that the Actuary is trying to kill a woman with Africanized honey bee "assassins." Once he returns to the scene of the pending crime to refill the bee food, Sherlock Tases and kidnaps him.

Sherlock is a new man

Before continuing the hunt for Moriarty, Sherlock assures Watson that he no longer wants to torture and kill Moriarty because he's a changed man. Previously, he'd only ever had one meaningful relationship in his life, and it was with Irene, the love of his life who was killed by Moriarty. Now, he has a second meaningful relationship -- with Watson. The look of masked joy on Watson's face at hearing Sherlock's confession is priceless.

The man behind the man behind the man behind...

Sherlock convinces the Actuary to speak, and he confesses to seeing Moriarty once, when he was first recruited. He also confesses to killing 31 people. Sherlock finds a series of coded messages on the Actuary's phone and sends a message back to who he assumes is Moriarty, asking to meet with him. The man on the other end of the phone agrees to meet.

Sherlock spies on the man he is to meet, but the man removes a wig and drives off, reaching the other side of some train tracks just before a train arrives. Watson has followed behind, but there's no way to get to the other side of the tracks before the train passes. Sherlock gets out and takes a series of photos.

He is later able to piece together the photos to find the face of the man he assumes is Moriarty. The Actuary confirms the image belongs to the man who recruited him.

Sherlock finds the man on his own, but he claims that his last name is Douglas (Roger Aaron Brown), not Moriarty. He says he knew why Sherlock's beloved Irene had to die, but that he was not the one who killed her. With that, Douglas is shot dead by a sniper without revealing anything else.

Sherlock receives a new code and brings it to Moran for deciphering. Moran appears to be concerned but claims not to understand the code. Sherlock later deciphers the code after realizing Moran had been continuously looking at his watch, because the time the codes were sent was the encryption key. But it's too late. Moran slams his head against a mirror until he kills himself in an effort to save his sister: The message was to Moran, informing him that either he or his sister must die.

Sherlock is the game

Watson realizes through all this that Sherlock, himself, is Moriarty's "game." At that moment, Moriarty calls Sherlock with the message, "We are overdue for a chat."

Will Sherlock finally meet with the real Moriarty? Find out on next week's episode, "Risk Management," when it airs on Thursday, 5/9 at 10 PM on CBS.

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