‘Elementary’ episode ‘The Leviathan’ recap: Unspoken connection

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‘Elementary’ episode ‘The Leviathan’ recap: Unspoken connection

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"The Leviathan"-- Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) investigate when a supposedly uncrack-able …

The "Elementary" episode "The Leviathan" was heavy on clever quotes. It also gave some clues as to what really makes the relationship between Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) work. There were a few key moments that showed viewers how Watson will be kept in the picture, even though she has voiced her plans to move on to a new addict. Here are the episode's highlights along with some of the best zingers the episode had to offer.

"The Lynch sisters and I enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship"

Watson is shocked to discover a half naked woman as she searches the apartment for Sherlock. Going to another room, she comes across the exact same face, introducing itself under another name. Sherlock finally appears, remarking that his escapades with them are all out of scientific interest in twins.

"Did you learn nothing from the Titanic?"

The president and head engineer (Reg Rogers) of the company that designed a vault called The Leviathan pays Sherlock a visit. He wants Sherlock to figure out how someone could have broken into vaults provided by his company, which they had labeled as "impregnable." Sherlock already knows the original case well; the first vault was broken into mere months after the product was released in 2009. Now there is another break-in, and he wants Sherlock to find the culprits. More importantly, he wants to know how they broke in, so he can fix his vaults.

"Your name means 'green stick' in French"

Sherlock arrives on the scene of the latest break-in, at a diamond exchange. He assures the man who greets him (John Michael Bolger) that he knows how to conduct himself at a crime scene, then immediately proceeds to tell the man what his name means. His name is Mr. Batonvert, which leads Watson to begin calling the man Green Stick.

"In AA, they'd say you're in a 'dry drunk'"

Sherlock obsesses over the vault for more than 17 hours before waking Watson, mumbling about "her." "Her" is the vault itself. Watson doesn't want to leave him alone, because he is becoming overly obsessive about cracking the vault, but she insists it's time to leave. Sherlock finally agrees, but only after trying one last thing.

"Before you say anything, I'd like to remind you that I am holding an ax"

Sherlock's one last attempt at getting into the vault involves breaking a fire ax out of the fire extinguisher box and smashing it into The Leviathan. Consequently, Watson is stuck with continuous, annoying phone calls from the company, demanding payment for the expensive destruction (of course, Sherlock gave them Watson's number).

"You are the smartest man in the world"

When Sherlock fails to break into the vault, he assumes that one of the thieves must have told another person how to break in (or there was a fifth man). Watson tries to get Sherlock to realize how foolish he sounds by believing that if he couldn't break in, it must be nearly impossible.

Sherlock actually turns out to be right. The vault was hacked with code that generates sets of numbers that are multiples of pi, which appear to be random. Since the vault's normal function is to create a new random 10-digit code every two minutes, it appears to be functioning properly, even though the hacker has complete control. One of the jurors on the original case also had an affinity for software and cracked a piece of code in the case that turned out to be the algorithm to create the numbers. Recognizing what it was, he teamed up with other jurors who shared similar talents to the original four people who had broken into the vault.

"Can't your client just get a different babysitter for tomorrow night?"

Watson's mother (Freda Foh Shen) doesn't understand Watson's job, equating it with babysitting. When Sherlock meets Watson's family, however, he talks her up in the most surprising way. He tells them how she helps him solve crimes, and they are very impressed. He takes it all back later, informing Watson that he only told them what they wanted to hear. His intent to make her family proud is what's important, however.

The other important advancement in their relationship is when Sherlock explains that Watson's family will never understand the love of unconventional thinking that Watson and Sherlock share. The family is much too conventional to understand why they work well together. Later, Watson's mother confesses that she's noticed a light in Watson's eyes when talking about Sherlock that she didn't see with other clients. Is this realization the beginning of Watson and Sherlock forming a more lasting partnership? We'll have to wait to find out.

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