‘Elementary’ episode ‘M.’ gets personal for Sherlock [recap]

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The "Elementary" episode "M." introduces the famous Sherlock Holmes nemesis, Moriarty, to the series. While dealing with this new twist, which affects Sherlock's life in a very personal way, he also has to deal with Watson's eminent departure. Watson continues to pull away as Sherlock loses his grip. Viewers also got a deep look into Sherlock's past and the instability of his psyche.

M.'s calling card

A murderer strings up a man by his ankles and kills him. Sherlock is invited to the crime scene later, where the team finds a large amount of blood but no body. Sherlock knows immediately who the culprit is: a criminal from London who went by the letter M.

Gregson asks Sherlock about notes that mention Sherlock's name in previous crimes committed by M., and wonders whether M. has followed Sherlock from Britain to New York. Sherlock initially believes it could be a coincidence.

Watson needs a therapist to handle Sherlock's therapy

Watson continues to increasingly remove herself from Sherlock's life. She had never enjoyed her job as a sober companion until she had Sherlock as a client. The therapist wonders whether Watson will pursue a job as an investigator after leaving Sherlock, but she continues to lie to herself by saying that she doesn't want to become an investigator.

"Our" home, the crime scene

When Sherlock and Watson arrive home, Sherlock warns Watson to be very quiet. He then says, "Our home has become a crime scene." The word "our" in that sentence is significant because Watson continues to separate herself, and she usually calls it "the" apartment. In this case, she does not correct him. M. has left a message for Sherlock consisting of letters cut from magazines.

Sherlock's fragile state

There is now no doubt that Sherlock has unknowingly lured M. to New York. Sherlock feels guilty about it, but also vengeful. When Watson figures out that Sherlock has kept at least three surveillance cameras around the apartment at all times, he finally breaks down and tells Watson the whole truth. He has kept the cameras a secret because he has no intention of turning M.'s photo over the the police. He intends to capture, torture, and kill him!

It is all very personal for Sherlock. M. is the man who killed Irene, the woman he loved. Until now, Watson had only heard the name Irene. Sherlock had refused to say anything about her. Now that he plans to throw his freedom away in the name of revenge, he tells Watson all about Irene.

Watson tattles

Watson tries to stop Sherlock from doing the unthinkable, but he has a one-track mind. There's nothing Watson can do to stop him, even after warning him that she'll tell the police. He won't listen, so she goes to Gregson and tells him everything. Needless to say, Gregson is furious and goes on the hunt for Sherlock, before he destroys his life by committing murder.

Sherlock uses his impressive deductive skills to find M. and string him up. M. repeatedly tries to convince Sherlock that he's not who Sherlock thinks he is. After striking M. multiple times, he can't avoid the truth; the man he has strung up is not the man who killed Irene. The man he is beating names the person Sherlock is actually looking for: Moriarty.

Sherlock stabs the man anyway, but not in a way that will kill him. The man is still an evil murderer, so Sherlock feels justified. Sherlock also convinces the man to confess to attacking Sherlock, not the other way around.

"I'm going to miss this. Maybe not this. But this."

Sherlock finally admits to Watson that he will miss her. He even repeats something she had said earlier in the episode: "I'm going to miss this. Maybe not this. But this." Translation: He is going to miss working with Watson. With Sherlock having finally been honest and sincere with Watson, she decides to call Sherlock's father to request an extension for her services and pay. He refuses, but she tells Sherlock his father has agreed, anyway. Now she will just have to figure out how to make a living while working for free at Sherlock's side.

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