‘Elementary’ episode ‘The Rat Race’ recap: The truth will set you free

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‘Elementary’ episode ‘The Rat Race’ recap: The truth will set you free

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"The Rat Race" - Even though he despises bankers, Holmes agrees to consult on a case involving the death …

The "Elementary" episode "The Rat Race" held a great amount of character growth for Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu). Sherlock has been lying about himself to his dear friend (Aidan Quinn), a captain of the police department for which he consults, the entire time he has worked with him. He also has a tendency to expect very little from people -- even the people he knows best.

The captain learns the truth

The episode begins with a flash-forward to Watson pacing in the captain's office. She is worried that Sherlock has gone back to drugs and tells the captain the whole truth about being Sherlock's sober companion.

Later, Sherlock finally sits down for a heart-to-heart with his captain friend, explaining that he was simply too embarrassed to tell the truth about himself. It turns out his friend knew all along. Sherlock seems surprised at the revelation, until he realizes that he tends to underestimate people. He always expects to be the smartest person in the room, which sets his expectations of others at basement level.

Sherlock invades Watson's privacy, again

Sherlock helps Watson figure out the truth about a guy she just started dating, but not before invading her privacy by accepting a date with him on her behalf. He seems to think that acting on a person's behalf is equal to knowing about a person, somehow thinking his actions are equal to Watson knowing his secrets.

Watson has a sense that her new potential boyfriend is lying, so Sherlock helps her discover that he is married. The relationship between Watson and Sherlock thus evolves again, with Sherlock helping Watson to trust her "spidey sense." She's better at helping to solve crimes than she may think.

Secretaries can be sociopaths, too

Sherlock investigates the heroin-overdose death of a prominent Wall Street executive. The man to take his place, Jim (Craig Bierko), seems to fit Sherlock's description of the killer: A sociopath who was in the location of several other deaths in the company, which allowed him to rise in power. It turns out, however, that Jim's secretary (Molly Price) is the sociopath. She was able to follow Jim on his rise through the company by killing a path to the top for him.

The secretary is unconvincingly smart enough to lure Holmes to an empty parking garage and abduct him using a taser. Because Sherlock found the body of the executive who had overdosed on heroin, Watson initially believes Sherlock has fallen into his old ways, since heroin was one of his drugs of choice. It is only when the secretary finally replies to one of Watson's texts that Watson realizes what has happened.

Watson's evolution as assistant to an extremely talented detective pays off when she realizes that Sherlock did not write the text message. The police soon find Sherlock by tracking his phone, just before the secretary kills him. The irony in all this is that the secretary covertly killed her way to the top, but, in the end, was still just a secretary.

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