‘Elementary’ Episode ‘Snow Angels’ Recap: Concealing a Bigger Heist

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‘Elementary’ Episode ‘Snow Angels’ Recap: Concealing a Bigger Heist

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"Snow Angels"-- Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) try to prevent a robbery from one of …

Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) is fooled again in the "Elementary" episode "Snow Angels." This time, however, he is fooled into nearly dropping a case he assumes will be too easy for his mind to solve. Sherlock needs a challenge! Little does he know, a case more complex than he could have imagined has fallen into his lap.

The easy case

A woman wearing a blond wig and two other people break into a facility to steal some expensive new phones. They shoot the guard in the process, but he shoots the woman in the abdomen before dying. Sherlock initially sees the case as a waste of his time. All they have to do is find the phones in order to catch the killer.

A big storm is brewing, and it knocks out the electricity across the entire city. Sherlock decides that the case may not be so dull after all. The lack of electricity gives him a new challenge: he must solve the case the old-school way.

Things get complicated

When the cops find the phones in the possession of a homeless man, Sherlock realizes that the crime was staged to cover up a larger crime. It turns out the thieves also broke into the architectural firm in the adjacent building to steal blueprints. The thieves are planning on stealing from the Fed!

The big heist

When Sherlock is unable to commandeer a plow truck, he pays the driver to take Watson (Lucy Liu) and him to EROC, where the Fed's cash is processed. Once they get there, however, they realize that the latest round of shredded currency is fake. The thieves already stole the real cash that was meant to be destroyed -- $33 million worth!

Meanwhile, Det. Bell (Jon Michael Hill) questions a woman with a stab wound who was seeking medical treatment. All the evidence against her matches the woman with the blond wig who shot the security guard, except for the stab wound. In order to conceal her tracks, she gave herself a stab wound in order to cover up the bullet wound from the guard.

The police trick this brunette who wore the blond wig into thinking that she has a way to escape. When her cohort comes to save her, the cops nab them both. The woman finally breaks down and tells them where to find the cash.

Sherlock gets a new cleaning lady

A new character is introduced: Miss Hudson (Candis Cayne). Watson is shocked to learn that Sherlock invited her to stay without mentioning it. The woman, whom Sherlock confirms had previously been a man, is seeking help after the man she loved left her.

Watson eventually learns to enjoy Hudson's company. Hudson even cleans the apartment in a highly organized way, due to having OCD that flairs up whenever she has trouble with men.

That makes Watson happy, because it means she doesn't have to clean up after the messy Sherlock. Once Hudson moves out, Sherlock retains her as a cleaning lady on Tuesdays. He informs Watson that Hudson will be paid out of Watson's new workload, which he will be heaping upon her now that she no longer needs to use the time to clean the apartment.

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