Elizabeth Banks to make 'Modern Family' comeback: Three other guest stars who should return

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Elizabeth Banks is making a return appearance on "Modern Family." The actress will reprise her role as Sal from the show's first season. Sal was Mitchell and Cameron's wild friend, but things will be different this time around. According to reports, the character will show up to tell her friends that she's getting married. Based on how great Elizabeth was in the first season, her return is welcome and sure to be hilarious. By making a second guest appearance, she joins stars like Nathan Lane and David Cross. With that in mind, here are three other memorable one-time guest stars who "Modern Family" should bring back ASAP.

Matt Dillon

The Oscar-nominated actor appeared as Robbie in the show's second season. He was Claire's immature ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be having an affair with her mom, DeDe. That leads to a big fight between mother and daughter at Lily's princess party. Enough time has passed that it would make sense for Dillon to return. This season has already shown that DeDe has become a lot more stable, so maybe his character could, as well. He could even be involved in a wedding episode. Since Jay married a younger woman, it would only be fitting if DeDe married a younger man. It would surely be a ton of fun watching him try to fit in with the Dunphy family once more. The possibility of Phil trying to bond with him is more than enough reason to write him into another episode.

Bobby Cannavale

Fresh off his brilliant performance in the third season of "Boardwalk Empire," the timing is perfect for a "Modern Family" comeback. In the third season, the actor played Lewis, the psychotic co-star of Cam's clown show. Any excuse to have Cam break out his clown attire is more than welcome for most fans. Things ended badly the last time the two performed, but Cam is one of the most forgiving characters on the show. There is no chance that a "Fizbo & Lewis" reunion won't be funny.

Matthew Broderick

Matthew recently appeared as Dave, a gay friend of Cam's that believes Phil likes him. It makes perfect sense for him to return. For one, he's still under the impression that Phil wanted to have a fling with him. Secondly, he has an existing friendship with Cam. It would be nice to see him show up in an episode with Nathan Lane, who has appeared several times as Pepper. A reunion of "The Producers" stars would have a lot of laughs, and the storyline with Phil would be an added bonus. Given how great Matthew was in the episode, it would be a shame if he didn't make at least one more appearance.
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