'Emily Owens, M.D.' rumored cancellation: Is the CW show safe?

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"Emily Owens, M.D." is a new medical dramedy on the CW about the conflicted title character who has her first internship at a hospital. Not only must she deal with patients and medical issues, she must also deal with her feelings; she is suddenly surrounded by her high school rival and crush. She's still feeling bullied and intimidated despite the fact that's she's now an adult, and an accomplished adult, at that.

Rumors have spread that the show has gotten the ax. Is the show set for cancellation or does it deserve another chance?

Cancellation rumors for 'Emily Owens, M.D.'

SpoilerTV announced that "Emily Owens, M.D." was canceled just because of a Twitter post that claimed such. The "news" spread throughout the Internet with speed. Just like many Twitter and Facebook posts, the information wasn't exactly correct. A later post refuted the claim. Even later, a CW executive announced that the rumor was false and production continues, according to TV by the Numbers.

'Emily Owens, M.D.' is still in danger of cancellation

Just because an executive claimed the show is safe, doesn't mean it's safe for long. The show did not begin with great ratings. The pilot had 1.67 million viewers, and the next two episodes dropped dramatically. The following two episodes managed to grow in numbers, so there is hope that the show is beginning to pick up steam and entertain viewers; however, the numbers are still low for a CW show. Unless Emily Owens can manage to beat out some other failing CW shows, it seems likely a cancellation will happen.

Why the show doesn't work and deserves cancellation

"Emily Owens, M.D." is trying to appeal to two audiences. It is trying to mix high school drama with adult drama. Owens has to deal with medical issues and finding her way in a tough career, but she also has to deal with a rival and the boy she has a crush on. Adults enjoy the medical parts of the show and find the high school drama annoying. Teens love the drama. It doesn't mix. It's understandable that the show wanted to bring in more viewers by appealing to different age groups, but it fails in this context.

Why 'Emily Owens, M.D.' does work and deserves a chance

Many of the CW shows revolve around super gorgeous actors with major sex appeal. The plots revolve around romance, lust, love, and stabbing each other in the back. "Emily Owens, M.D." has decently good-looking actors and keeps the overly sexed plot to a minimum. The show isn't about stunning actors doing insane things; it's more about how viewers can relate to the characters. Unfortunately, the show is on the CW. Maybe it would have stood a better chance on a different network.

What will happen to Mamie Gummer and Justin Hartley if the show is canceled?

The two things "Emily Owens, M.D." did right was bring in Mamie Gummer and Justin Hartley. These two make the show work. Mamie Gummer is the daughter of multiple award winning actress Meryl Streep, and Gummer takes after her mom. Hartley might not have a famous parent, but he still stands out. Hopefully, "Emily Owens, M.D." will get to finish out its season so that these two actors can get more attention. That way, when/if the show gets the boot, they stand a better chance at winning some much better acting gigs, preferably on a better network.

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