Will Emma on ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' ever find true love?

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Will Emma on ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' ever find true love?

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Once Upon A Time

From Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty, fairy tales are known for their storybook romances that make little girls dream of the day they will find their own prince. But what about the beautiful heroine Emma Swan on ABC's "Once Upon a Time"? Will Emma ever have an opportunity to take a break from her adventures and kick back with her own true love?

During the first season of "Once Upon a Time," it seemed Emma may have a potential beau in Sheriff Graham. Though Regina had her claws in the handsome lawman initially, Sheriff Graham broke free of her grasp and found his way to Emma. Yet just when they were on the brink of beginning their happily ever after, Regina took vengeance and crushed his heart -- literally -- causing his immediate death.

As Emma became settled in Storybrooke, a stranger appeared in town and began frequenting the diner. It turned out this mystery man was a writer named August Booth, and he wasn't a stranger, after all. Booth was actually Pinocchio, who had been sent through the magic wardrobe with Emma to protect her. He felt he had failed in his mission and was determined to convince Emma to believe in magic and break The Curse.

August and Emma had known each other since she was a baby. They shared a special bond that grew as she began to realize that he was who he claimed to be and his tales of magic were true. But alas, ever since Emma arrived in Storybrooke and time began moving forward, August began reverting back to his wooden Pinocchio self. Just hours before The Curse was broken, the transformation became complete, and August has not made an appearance since.

And then there's Hook. Though Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook seem to despise each other at times, there does appear to be an underlying flirtation. Emma did not hesitate to leave Hook's fate in the hands of the giant at the top of the beanstalk, and at this point, Hook is considered an enemy to her as a comrade of Cora and foe to Rumpelstiltskin, but that could change. There is certain chemistry between Emma and Hook that may eventually take over.

Of course, there is always the question of Henry's father. It was revealed that Henry's dad is a fellow named Neil that Emma met while they were both stealing the same car. Neil and Emma appeared to have really fallen for each other and planned to run off together, but August intervened to ensure Emma followed her destiny as the savior who would eventually break The Curse. But is it only a matter of time before Neil finds his way to Storybrooke -- and Emma?

Emma Swan has had more than her share of tough days and heartache on "Once Upon a Time." It seems only fair that one of these fine fellows will emerge, re-enter the fairy tale, and bring her true love.

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