‘Go On’ episode ‘Do You Believe in Ghosts...Yes!’ recap: Past the expiration date

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‘Go On’ episode ‘Do You Believe in Ghosts...Yes!’ recap: Past the expiration date

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GO ON -- "Do You Believe in Ghosts? Yes!" Episode 104 -- Pictured: (l-r) John Cho as Steven, Matthew …

The "Go On" episode "Do You Believe in Ghosts...Yes!" dealt with things that live past their "expiration date." For example: Ryan's wife, Janie (Christine Woods). He sees her ghost when he realizes that all of his food has also expired.


Ryan (Matthew Perry) sees the ghost of Janie and informs the group that he must now be crazy. Lauren assures him that it's all just a "coping fantasy" that will symbolically show him what to do in order to cope. Unfortunately, Ryan didn't listen to anything the ghost said because it freaked him out too much.

Ryan's food

Ryan hasn't shopped for food since the Janie's death, so the food in his refrigerator is rotten. When he asks his dead wife to show him some sort of sign telling him what he needs to do in order to cope, her ghost tells him to shop and cook.

He finally shops, but Fausta (Tonita Castro) makes his dinner. He drops it on the floor after he's startled to see Janie's ghost again. He realizes later that it's just his fear of moving on that is preventing him from cooking his own meals and sitting down to enjoy them. If he does that, it proves Janie really is gone, because she always did the shopping and cooking.

Steven's loneliness

Steven (John Cho) suffered a smaller loss when his girlfriend dumped him. Because Ryan's loss was so much bigger, Steven decided to bottle it up and hide his loneliness. When Ryan finds out, he offers to be Steven's "wingman." They decide to pick up chicks while walking a dog.

They meet two women who decide that they would like to speak on air when they learn that Ryan and Steven work at a radio station. The women prove to be more than just air-headed, as they seem to think that a discussion about the frozen yogurt non-flavor of "blue" is hilarious enough to be on the radio.

Steven decides that the evening would be much more fun if they ditch the ladies and go get drunk, eat the oddly enormous turkey Ryan managed to cook, and play video games. He's right, and they have a great time hanging out together.

Lauren's job

The support group learns that Lauren is working as a valet. She admits that she has not been able to pass her real estate license test because of her fear of test-taking. After several failed attempts to help her study, they decide to crash the test because she's "better" with them around her. It works! She passes with a 92, is able to quit her valet job, and gets hired as a real estate agent.

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