‘Go On’ episode ‘Big League Chew’ recap: Gorging on ‘love’

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‘Go On’ episode ‘Big League Chew’ recap: Gorging on ‘love’

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GO ON -- Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) Seth Morris as Danny, Suzy Nakamura as Yolanda, Julie White as …

In the "Go On" episode "Big League Chew," some of the group members are confronted with coping mechanisms that have gotten out of hand. We can all learn a little something about coping with change here, while laughing our heads off. Even Lauren (Laura Benanti) is not safe this time, as she has her own coping mechanism to deal with a loveless relationship.

Ryan "grief eats"

Ryan (Matthew Perry) begins snacking -- way too much. When he begins eating chips on the air, and nobody who's listening to him on the radio can understand him, the group decides to confront him about it. He's in complete denial, despite ordering large pizzas at the group meeting building.

The gang decides to show up at his home with tons of food to give him a dose of "calorie aversion therapy." Basically, they get him to stuff his face past the point of hunger, until he never wants to eat again.

Lauren loves Snickers more than her three-year boyfriend

The group goes out for dinner at the same place where Lauren happens to be dining with her boyfriend, Wyatt (Hayes Macarthur). They enjoy themselves until Wyatt points to each person and names them. They then realize that Lauren talks about them behind their backs.

The group demands she bring Wyatt to the therapy session to tell them some of her own secrets. When he comes, all they really get out of it is that "she's gay for Selma Hayek" and she used to participate in child beauty pageants. The group doesn't see anything indicating that she actually loves Wyatt.

When Lauren describes a Snickers bar in a bit too much detail while trying to explain to Ryan that grief eating is normal, the group realizes she has an odd relationship with the candy. Is her relationship with Snickers stronger than her relationship with Wyatt?

When Lauren shows up at the group "calorie aversion therapy" at Ryan's house just to show the group pictures that "prove" her love for Wyatt, it is obvious she's overcompensating. She definitely has her own problems to deal with. She only realizes this when Ryan asks her whether she loves the man, and she says she doesn't know. As Ryan says, "If you don't know, you know. You know?"

Danny lives in the '50s with 700 "friends" of his own making

Danny (Seth Morris) copes with the man, Hector (Paul Diaz), who impregnated his wife by living in a little fantasy world inside his head. The population of this '50s world is 700, and Danny knows every imaginary person there. He goes there every time Hector takes his wife out while Danny has to stay home with his son or when he's basically the third wheel in his own home.

Ryan begins to confront Danny with his issues by helping Danny take a sledgehammer and red spray paint to Hector's car. But then Ryan decides that living in his own world is a nice substitute for grief eating. Now that he can't cope with food, he has found a new imaginary world to use as his coping mechanism.

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