‘Go On’ episode ‘Dinner Takes All’ recap: A Thanksgiving ‘family’ meal

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‘Go On’ episode ‘Dinner Takes All’ recap: A Thanksgiving ‘family’ meal

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GO ON -- Episode 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Ryan King, Lauren Graham as Amy -- (Photo by: …

The group decides to get together for a very special dinner on the "Go On" Thanksgiving episode, "Dinner Takes All." Ryan (Matthew Perry) has a "college buddy," Amy (Lauren Graham), coming to town. He has a bit of a crush on her, so the group wants to be there for him. Of course, Ryan complains at first, not wanting the group holiday experience to turn into "The Brady Bunch." He changes his mind when they stand behind him to reenact the faces in the boxes at the beginning of each "Brady Bunch" episode. Ryan is Alice. Thanksgiving is not complete, however, without a few important elements, and they are...

Booze rodeo

Steven (John Cho) decides that he has a crush on Amy, as well, and attempts to date her with Ryan's blessing. When Ryan realizes he doesn't want to let her go so fast, the two argue over who should get her. They decide to settle it with a round of "Booze Rodeo." They drink other people's alcoholic drinks until they get punched in the face. The last one to be punched wins. Ryan wins after nearly surpassing the 10 drink barrier, but none of it was necessary. Amy informs him that she has always had a crush on him, but it's too soon after Janie's death for them to be together.

The "weird uncle"

The weird uncle in this case is Mr. K (Brett Gelman). He -- very loudly -- sings a song called "Electric Night" during the group session. When Ryan tells him it's not a real song, Mr. K is extraordinarily pleased with himself to "find out" that he has made up a new song! The song becomes the theme of the show from that point, even serving as insomnia music in Ryan's head after he breaks his pull-out sofa and is forced to sleep in the same bed with Amy.

Unwarranted parenting advice

Owen's mom, Mrs. Louis (Vanessa Bell Calloway), shows up to Thanksgiving dinner. She wants to see Lauren (Laura Benanti) in action to make sure Owen (Tyler James Williams) is being healed by someone who actually knows what she's doing. Having no clue what she is doing, with only a "Certificate of Compassion from the New Beginnings Workshop" to back up her knowledge, Lauren tries to dispense parenting advice about the need to let her son go as he gets older. Everyone is horrified, and Mrs. Louis wants Owen to have nothing to do with the group, implying that Lauren is trying to become Owen's new mother.

It doesn't help when Mr. K, in hilariously uncomfortable fashion, tries to jump on the parenting bandwagon. He immediately tries to take the role of Owen's new "daddy." It is Owen who takes charge amidst the chaos and informs his mother that he wants to stay in the group, even though they are really weird. He softens the blow by telling her that nobody will ever replace her. His kindness toward her makes his mom happy that he's part of the group, after all.

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