‘Go On’ Episode ‘Fast Breakup’ Recap: Being a Fake Ball is Better

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‘Go On’ Episode ‘Fast Breakup’ Recap: Being a Fake Ball is Better

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GO ON -- "Fast Breakup" Episode 121 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Ryan King, John Cho as Steven …

It's fan appreciation day on the "Go On" episode "Fast Breakup." Ryan (Matthew Perry) must make his radio show fans happy, but there's a big fake ball getting in his way: it's K-BAL, the station's mascot. The fans seem to like the big ball more than Ryan, and the ball forces Ryan to act silly to avoid offending his own fans.

Ryan's turn to hide inside the ball

When Carrie (Allison Miller) drunk-dials Ryan and professes her desire to have him, he freaks out. He no longer knows how to talk to her, so he dons the ball mascot suit to hide. But something amazing happens: Ryan loves being inside the ball suit!

Ryan begins to wear the suit everywhere. He wears it to his group sessions, he wears it to work, and he even shows up at the mall wearing the clumsy outfit. Everyone loves him when he wears it, and he doesn't have to worry about acting like a normal person. He can dance and have fun without a care in the world.

Time to swap sides

Lauren (Laura Benanti) confesses to Ryan that she doesn't want to marry Wyatt (Hayes MacArthur). She just doesn't have the heart to tell Wyatt. When Ryan tells Lauren what she should say, she decides it's the perfect way to break it to him. Likewise, Lauren's idea for what Ryan should say to Carrie is just what Ryan wants. The pair decide to swap sides: Lauren will talk to Carrie, and Ryan will talk to Wyatt.

Things get complicated when Wyatt bakes bread and sings beautiful songs with a lilting voice that makes Ryan "long for the old country." Wyatt's soft, innocent face is just too much for Ryan to bear, and he caves. In fact, he tells Wyatt that Lauren wants to get married tomorrow and begin trying for children right after the ceremony.

Lauren, on the other hand, tells Carrie the full truth. She even gets a little bit mean, trash-talking Ryan so Carrie won't want him anymore.

Lauren's turn to hide inside the ball

Neither Carrie nor Ryan are happy after the whole switching-sides fiasco. Lauren wants to tell Wyatt the truth, and Ryan wants to at least have a chance with Carrie somewhere down the line. They each finally do what they originally set out to do: Lauren tells Wyatt the truth, and they break up; and Ryan tells Carrie how he feels, and she kisses him and quits her job so they can be together.

Although they have finally met their goals, neither of them is entirely happy with the result. Lauren is especially broken up about losing Wyatt, so Ryan lets her use the mascot ball. As with Ryan, Lauren loves the positive attention, and being able to dance and act as silly as she pleases.

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