‘Go On’ Episode ‘Matchup Problems’ Recap: Dating for Crazy People

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‘Go On’ Episode ‘Matchup Problems’ Recap: Dating for Crazy People

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GO ON -- "Matchup Problems" Episode 120 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Ryan King, Julie White as …

It can be difficult to get back in the dating scene once you have suffered a loss. It can be even more difficult to get back in the dating scene when you are surrounded by people who are insane. The "Go On" episode, "Matchup Problems," shows what dating for crazies is like.

The cemetery "date"

Anne (Julie White) decides that her friend Talia (Courteney Cox, for a mini-"Friends" reunion with Matthew Perry) would be a perfect match for Ryan (Matthew Perry), except she's just not sure whether Talia likes "dummies" like Ryan. Ryan is confused, however, when Anne takes him to the grave of her dead wife. She explains that his blind date is a widow who happens to be grieving at her dead husband's grave.

They find Talia telling the headstone what happened on the latest "Suits" episode (another great show). When Talia actually enjoys Ryan's dumb jokes, he asks her out. Talia believes Ryan is asking her out with both Anne and him, and he fails to correct her.

The triangle date

The date between Anne, Ryan, and Talia goes well until Talia begins crying about her dead husband. It's actually a ploy to get free food, and she brings Ryan and Anne in on the dead spouse bandwagon for a totally free meal. Talia then proceeds to hit on both Anne and Ryan, finally leaving it up to them to choose which one will go on the next date with Talia.

The remote date

Yolanda (Suzy Nakamura) decides to go on an "Asian Christian Singles Cruise" but has trouble talking to people until she speaks to the group over video chat. They encourage her to carry her laptop around with her so they can offer moral support. When Yolanda introduces two cute men to the face on the computer, however, they seem to be more attracted to cyber-Lauren (Laura Benanti) than to Yolanda.

Lauren's flirting with one of the cruise men goes too far, and he ends up getting naked for her. She finally realizes that she needs to stop flirting so much, now that she's about to get married. She has to get her act together.

The "choose a mate" date

Anne decides to compete for Talia, dressing to the nines for their second triangle date. During the dinner, Anne asks Talia to the ladies' room. When they are gone for a long time, Ryan decides that it's not worth it and pays for the meal before making his way out of the restaurant.

On his way out, Talia runs over and tells him that she actually chose Ryan. As Ryan and Talia are about to leave in her car, Anne informs Ryan that she was actually Talia's first choice, but that she turned Talia down because of bad "vibes." Seconds later, Talia speeds down the road like a crazy woman in what turns out to be a stolen car.

The "grapey" date

Mr. K (Brett Gelman) boards Yolanda's cruise, because he's certain that Yolanda will like a man he spotted on the laptop who he believes will taste "grapey" (he's wearing purple). Yolanda immediately falls for the man after his awkward spiel, planting a kiss on his mouth within a minute after meeting him. But when she answers "no" to Mr. K's question about sufficient grapiness, Mr. K hauls the poor guy off so he can find her "another one." She chases after him, yelling, "come back with my husband!"

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