‘Go On’ episode ‘Ring and a Miss’ recap: Ryan’s big break-up

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‘Go On’ episode ‘Ring and a Miss’ recap: Ryan’s big break-up

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GO ON -- "Ring and a Miss" Episode 116 -- Pictured: (l-r) Bradley Whitford as Hughie, Matthew Perry as …

Now that Ryan (Matthew Perry) and Simone (Piper Perabo) seem like an established couple, you may be inclined to believe the "Go On" episode title "Ring and a Miss" refers to Ryan asking Simone to marry him. As the episode quickly points out, quite abruptly, that is not the case. In fact, he still wears his wedding ring and calls Simone "Janie." This of course leads to Ryan's first big break-up since Janie's death.

The ultimatum

The break-up was humorous, but also seemed a bit forced. Perhaps Piper Perabo has to get back to filming "Covert Affairs." First, Ryan calls Simone "Janie." That was a surprise, considering he went through the whole ordeal of Janie's ghost disapproving of Simone, then later giving him permission to be with her. Then we see that he's still wearing his wedding ring, which he proceeds to get caught in a curtain ring at a restaurant.

The bit becomes laugh-worthy when the waiter mentions Simone as his wife, and she corrects him. So, everyone thinks Ryan is cheating on his wife, and he never mentions that his wife is dead. Instead, he rips off the entire curtain rod and brings it with him. Simone is understandably fed up. If he doesn't remove the ring, she's gone.

Win-back fail #1

Ryan speaks with the "shadow group" (the group minus Lauren), and they convince Ryan that he should only remove his ring when he's ready. He's not ready, but when Simone is on the verge of breaking up with him, he decides to remove the ring. He wins Simone back for about two minutes. He tosses out the ring, then almost immediately goes after it, spotting Mr. Whiskers (the cat he forgot he had) in the process. She breaks up with Ryan and takes off for San Francisco.

Win-back fail #2

One of Ryan's buddies, Hughie (Bradley Whitford), takes Ryan and Steven (John Cho) out to a nightclub, now that Ryan is single again. Although Hughie acts like a wild-man while Steven is around, he secretly warns Ryan that single life is not all it's cracked up to be. Hughie just can't tell Steven how he feels because he believes that Steven looks up to him.

Ryan drives all the way up to San Francisco to win Simone back one more time. He even offers to have Simone move in with him, along with removing his ring. He goes so far as to have Carrie (Allison Miller) completely redesign his home to appeal to Simone's sense of style. But when Simone asks Ryan whether he wants her back because he wants her, or wants her back to replace Janie, his answer is not what Simone wanted to hear. Ryan forces poor Carrie to change her complete top-to-bottom redesign of his home back to how it used to be, causing her to have a mini-meltdown.

Nanny K

The most hilarious moment of this episode involves Mr. K (Brett Gelman), as usual. Anne's (Julie White) nanny quits, so Mr. K begs and pleads to take her place until Anne gives in. Believing he is the reincarnation of Mary Poppins, he nearly destroys Anne's house in the process of setting up a fun environment for her two children. Anne's only glimpse of the destruction is through her spy-cam.

Once she arrives home, the house is spotless, and the children are wearing bizarre clothes sewn from her old curtains. In addition, Nanny K has sewn himself a new coat from the curtains, as well. The house went from the picture of chaos to complete cleanliness in 30 short minutes.

Once Nanny K's work is done, it's time for him to move on to the next family. The next thing we see is a vision of Mr. K flying off with his umbrella. In actuality, Mr. K had fallen off Anne's roof. Poor crazy K.

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