'Go On' Episode 'Urn-ed Run' Recap: Bigger Isn’t Better

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'Go On' Episode 'Urn-ed Run' Recap: Bigger Isn’t Better

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GO ON -- "Urn-ed Run" Episode 122 -- Pictured: (l-r) Christine Woods as Janie, Matthew Perry as Ryan …

Thursday night's "Go On" episode "Urn-ed Run" dealt with letting go. In Lauren's (Laura Benanti) case, letting go appears to be easy.

Now that Lauren has canceled her wedding and broken up with Wyatt, she has decided to focus all of her attention on the group, complete with "healing portfolios." Everyone in the group agrees that she needs a new man. The other group members have their own ways of letting go.

Letting go of the fake ashes

Lauren wants to get to work helping the group move to the next step in each of their healing processes. In Ryan's (Matthew Perry) case, that means spreading Janie's ashes. She pushes Ryan to set a date and time, and everyone shows up for his little ceremony.

Ryan says a few heartfelt words before spreading the ashes in a little lake, where he says Janie loved looking up at all the stars. Steven (John Cho) begins "singing" horribly. When asked whether the singing is appropriate, Ryan says that Janie loved his sincere and heartfelt, but truly horrible singing. It made her laugh.

Lauren thanks Ryan for getting the ball rolling on everyone else's healing processes, as well. Everything seems fine until Mr. K claims that he cooked and tasted a sample of the ashes, and they were actually Bisquick pancake mix. Ryan confesses that it was still too soon for him.

Being forced to let go

Anne (Julie White) and Mr. K (Brett Gelman) can't live with the fact that Ryan couldn't let go and decide to steal the ashes. While stopped at a gas station, Anne carelessly places the urn containing Janie's ashes on someone else's car right before Ryan catches up with them.

The car takes off as they argue, and Ryan watches as the as the urn falls off the car as it drive away. Steven begins singing again about God's children having shoes (from the song, "I Got Shoes").

Letting go of the real ashes

Ryan is able to save a small "mousey" amount of ashes. He tells the group that he's waiting for the perfect moment to let them go, but Lauren reminds him of what he told the group about his wedding to Janie: He had set up the biggest, most perfect wedding he could imagine, but it wasn't what Janie wanted.

In a flashback, Ryan whisked Janie (Christine Woods) away from her big, perfect wedding so she could relax by hitting some baseballs first. Ryan decides to scatter the small amount of remaining ashes around the base plate where Janie practiced. Janie would have loved that.

More fake letting go

Meanwhile, Yolanda (Suzy Nakamura) and Sonia (Sarah Baker) had decided that Lauren needed a new project in order to take her mind off Wyatt. Yolanda spends an inordinate amount of money (which often happens but is never mentioned) setting up a fake grieving room with fake coworkers grieving for a fake dead patient, only to have Sonia spill the beans a minute into Lauren's "healing" spiel.

It's OK though, because Ryan's ordeal puts Lauren back on track. When Ryan tries to think of the perfect place to spread Janie's ashes, it's Lauren who reminds him that Janie wouldn't have wanted the "perfect" scattering spot. It's then that everyone realizes, "Lauren is back!"

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