‘Go On’ episode ‘Win at All Costas’ is literally a laugh-fest [recap]

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‘Go On’ episode ‘Win at All Costas’ is literally a laugh-fest [recap]

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GO ON -- "Win At All Costas" Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) Brett Gelman as Mr. K, Bob Costas as Himself …

The "Go On" episode "Win at All Costas" was "literally" a blast. In this episode, we learn that Ryan is stupid. His stupidity is not only funny, but includes the inappropriate use of the word "literally." Ryan must get over the embarrassment of a TV appearance so he can appear with his idol (read: deity), Bob Costas. Unfortunately, Ryan's stupidity makes it difficult for him to not "literally" wind up with egg on his face after being hit with questions outside his comfort zone.

Bob Costas "literally" knocks Ryan's socks off

Bob Costas calls Ryan on the phone and leaves a message. Ryan is so afraid to find out whether Costas likes the show that he plays only the first part, "This is Bob Costas," endlessly. Carrie and Steven eventually convince him to listen to the rest of the message. It turns out Costas likes Ryan's show. Soon, Ryan is speaking in synch with the message, playing it for everyone who will listen. He even sets it to music for listening in his car.

Mr. K "literally" becomes Janie

The group learns that Mr. K is a rocket scientist and helped design the Curiosity Rover. Mr. K watches as Curiosity picks up a sample. When it's done, he looks up and lets everyone know the good news: "It dvvvvvted!" They all applaud for his success, just not so loud that it "sexualizes" him, like last time.

Ryan then asks what's next for Mr. K, and Mr. K falls apart. He suddenly feels worthless now that he has completed his only goal. It's OK though, because he quickly finds a new goal: to channel Janie. When Bob Costas invites Ryan onto his TV show, Ryan is afraid he'll mess up, after having frozen on another TV show. He decides to fix his previous screw-up by returning to the scene of the crime: "Rich Eisen Live." The only problem is that he doesn't have Janie to support him, so Mr. K decides to fill in for her.

Rich Eisen "literally" falls on his face

The question that tripped Ryan up the first time came when the discussion turned from football to soccer, which Ryan is not familiar with. This time, Ryan is prepared. Eisen starts the segment with a question about soccer, to which Ryan kills it on his answer and immediately leaves before anything bad can happen. Mr. K is there to offer inappropriate applause as Ryan leaves.

Anne "literally" sucks the air out of the room

Anne is the only person who was not invited to a quinceanera for Fausta's niece. Fausta tells her upfront that she is not invited because she's such a negative, angry person. Anne shows up to the party anyway and starts off by insulting everyone.

She then proceeds to sit at an empty table, which had been left intentionally empty to honor Fausta's relatives who have passed on. Anne had no idea she had made such a big mistake and apologizes to Fausta for messing things up. Fausta, always the happy one, accepts the apology, and they hug it out.

Bob Costas "literally" knows everything

Mr. K "helps" Ryan by convincing Bob Costas to talk about everything but sports. Ryan is able to turn most of the discussion about art and science back to sports, but can't get past the most profound final question about whether we are moving through time or space. Ryan freezes, once again.

Rich Eisen now has more ammunition to use against Ryan, repeating both moments where Ryan froze over and over again. Ryan has lost the TV battle, and Rich Eisen has won again.

Mr. K really, literally, for real, gets tears in his beard

After Ryan's second epic TV failure, he blames Mr. K for having convinced Bob Costas to ask questions that had nothing to do with sports. This causes Mr. K to fall into depression. When Ryan notices tears in Mr. K's beard, he has no choice but to fix things. Ryan apologizes for getting so angry, since Mr. K only thought he was helping. Mr. K convinces Ryan to put a poppy seed in his teeth, so Mr. K can feel useful and appreciated by telling Ryan the poppy seed is there. Such is the oddball brain of Mr. K.

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