‘Go On’ episode ‘The World Ain't Over 'Till It's Over’ recap: Lights out!

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‘Go On’ episode ‘The World Ain't Over 'Till It's Over’ recap: Lights out!

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GO ON -- "The World Ain't Over 'Til It's Over" Episode 112 -- Pictured: Brett Gelman as Mr. K -- (Photo …

Doomsday preparedness is the theme of the "Go On" episode "The World Ain't Over 'Till It's Over." Lauren (Laura Benanti) doesn't want to offend anyone with a Christmas party or Christmas tree, so she decides to have an all-inclusive holiday party on Dec. 21. When Mr. K (Brett Gelman) claims that day will be the end of the world, Ryan (Matthew Perry) says the group should be inclusive of "the totally whacked out," as well, so they decide to make it a "holiday/end of the world" party.

1. Laugh 2. Think/Drink 3. Cry

When Anne (Julie White) explains how she doesn't want to miss a day of mourning for her lost loved one, Lauren encourages the group to think about how they would live if the world really were about to end. Ryan quotes dying basketball coach Jimmy Valvano, who said we should all laugh, think, and cry every day. Fausta (Tonita Castro) claims she would kill criminals on her last day, Robocop-style, guns blazing.

The impending proposal

When Lauren asks Ryan why Wyatt may be acting nervous and weird, Ryan says that men who are as tall and handsome as Wyatt are never nervous and weird. He suggests that Wyatt may be getting ready to propose, which causes Lauren to freak out a little bit.

Ryan's prediction is confirmed when Sonia (Sarah Baker) and Yolanda (Suzy Nakamura) spot Wyatt buying a ring and confront him about it. They initially decide to sabotage him so he won't be able to steal her away from them, but that fails miserably when their suggestion that he find coded ways to call her fat with small boobs is a bit too transparent, and he catches on. He promises not to steal her away, especially since he is planning on proposing at the group's holiday/end-of-the-world party.

Ryan sneaks away with Anne

Steven (John Cho) convinces Ryan to come along on their annual road trip to wine country, because it includes laughing, thinking, and crying. Steven always thought "think" was "drink," but the trip includes that, as well. Steven brings his "bimbo girlfriend," Becca (Lauren Benz Phillips), but Ryan decides to bring someone he's not attracted to. He decides on Anne. Anne is getting ready to mourn at the cemetery when Steven and Ryan show up, and convince her to get in their big motorhome.

While they are busy getting drunk on wine, Ryan gets a call from Lauren. She's worried about the proposal, and Ryan gives her the same "profound" line he gave her in the episode "Big League Chew": "If you don't know, you know. You know?" Anne gets upset with him, asking why he thinks he knows how to run Lauren's life. He realizes Anne is right and tries to call back, but there's no answer. When Steven drunkenly begins asking to buy the vineyard, Ryan realizes it's time to leave anyway. He needs to talk to Lauren and fix the mess he created!

Marriage proposal at the end of the world

After walking in on Lauren's phone conversation in the bathroom and wondering why the urinals were replaced with a tampon machine, Mr. K talks a bit about the "end of the world." He even asks Owen (Tyler James Williams) to play an end of the world song on a guitar. When Mr. K learns that Ryan and Anne aren't there for the end of the world, he "panics" by standing still and groaning.

Meanwhile, Wyatt proposes next to a broken, groaning snow machine, and Lauren says yes. When Ryan shows up and tries to fix things, he's happy to see that Lauren didn't take his "advice." A minute later, the group begins counting down to the end of the world. At the end of the countdown, the snow machine begins working, and Mr. K initially thinks it's because they're in heaven. Too bad he gave away all his possessions!

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