Erica Rose talks about defeating Michael Stagliano

The latest eliminated contestant on taking down the ‘Bachelor Pad’ mastermind

Erica Rose talks about defeating Michael Stagliano

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Erica Rose from 'Bachelor Pad'

Last season on "Bachelor Pad," fans watched as Holly Durst broke Michael Stagliano's heart and chose Blake Julian over him. Durst and Stagliano ended up taking the $250,000, but Julian won Durst's hand in marriage. And so some people thought it was unfair that Stagliano returned again this season for another shot at the grand prize. And while he claims that he is there to find love this time around, his actions are clearly that of a man who wants to win the game. He has been masterminding the most powerful alliance since day one.

Another returning player this season is Erica Rose, the tiara-wearing, high-maintenance bachelorette from Prince Lorenzo Borghese's season of "The Bachelor." Aside from an early altercation with a super fan in one of the first few episodes, Erica has been laying low and not causing waves. She and Stagliano had been friends off the show, and she went in expecting him to have her back. In a recent conference call interview she talked about Stagliano and how he betrayed her.

Erica Rose thought Michael Stagliano was her friend

Last week, Rose discovered that Stagliano was plotting against her when a new "Bachelor Pad" twist was introduced. Typically on the show, the men vote off one woman and the women vote off one guy. But this time, everyone in the house would vote for one of the girls and then she alone would decide which man would leave the house with her.

When Stagliano heard the twist, he immediately began plotting to get Erica voted off and was framing Chris Bukowski as the villain. Bukowski had a target on his back already after having been caught stringing along three separate women and being dishonest with many of the guys.

Stagliano lied to Rose and told her Bukowski had voted against her. But when Bukowski caught wind of the tale, he brought Rose into the voting room with him, so she could witness him target another player. Rose stated, "I started suspecting that Michael was lying to me based on his reaction when… I came out of the voting room with Chris. I could tell Michael was really upset about it. And so then I knew something was up because if you hadn't voted for me, and you didn't want me to leave then he wouldn't care that Chris took me in the voting room."

So the first part of Stagliano's plan worked, and Rose was sent home. But the second part was foiled and instead of taking Bukowski out of the game, Rose took down Stagliano as retribution for his being dishonest.

Rose was upset because Stagliano was her friend

Rose recalled that what upset her most was that Stagliano and she had become good friends since last season of "Bachelor Pad" and saw each other socially on may occasions. He had even texted her before the show saying he had her back. It was because of this friendship that Rose felt betrayed.

The evening of the elimination, she took her goodbye to Stagliano a little too far and opened up last season's wounds. She told Stagliano that Durst was right to dump him, and she's better off with Julian. Ouch. Rose and Stagliano reportedly have not spoken since the show taped. While both say they would kiss and make up, Rose does not seem willing to take back what she said.

She revealed, "It's hard for me to know whether or not I should apologize because I do think the things I said are true. But I'm sure people always think certain things, and they just don't say them. I'm not going to apologize for thinking them, but I guess I could apologize for saying them."

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