Everything you need to know about ‘Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe

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Nice guys don't always finish last!

"Bachelorette" third-place finisher, Sean Lowe, is slated to be the next star of ABC's "The Bachelor." A source for E! News has said the deal with Emily Maynard's former suitor is "pretty much done. Sean is our choice." That's great news for fans who like a super nice guy with a side of ripped abs!

Here's everything you need to know about Sean Lowe.

He's an insurance agent in a family business

Sean didn't talk too much about his work life when he was on Maynard's season, but he's actually an insurance agent for State Farm, where he works for his brother-in-law's agency. Sean met his future bro-in-law, Andrew, when they played football together at Kansas State University, and Sean's matchmaking skills resulted in a union between his sister, Shay, and his football teammate!

His sister is behind his "Bachelorette" fame

Talk about returning the favor! Sean's sis wrote on her blog that she and her hubby submitted Sean's application to be on "The Bachelorette." "Andrew and I were sitting at home watching our favorite TV show, 'The Bachelor,' when Andrew just decided to turn Sean's application in," she wrote. "Why not? He's cute, single, 28, and a fabulous guy...the perfect contestant." But can any of Sean's potential dates live up to his former girlfriend, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Brooke Sorensen? Of Sean's ex, his sis once wrote: "Note to my brother Sean Lowe...if you don't marry this girl, we are going to kill you. She is WONDERFUL!"

He recently started a new business

The 28-year old insurance agent is branching out! According to a report on Dallas station WFAA, Sean recently partnered up with some friends to start "The Factory Girl," a company that sells women's handbags, wallets, and custom-painted furniture. "It's kind of a weird combo but it sells really well together," Sean said.

His faith helps drive his decisions

Sean already made his Christian values very apparent last season on "The Bachelorette." But what viewers didn't see was his prayer journal, Bible, and a devotional book that he shared with a few of the other Christian guys on the show. According to Christian Post, Sean even wrote a prayer in his journal asking God to show him if a marriage to Emily Maynard was in His will.

There's one thing he can't live without

Sean recently revealed that he has an addiction problem! The hunky bachelor tweeted, "Is there a 12 step for caffeine addicts? If so, hi my name is Sean and I'm an addict." He then followed up with a twitpic of a Starbuck's iced coffee and the caption "Can't live without her."

He's got abs

Yeah, we're going there! The family-oriented Christian boy gave us a sneak peek at his rock hard abs when he hung out with Emily's girlfriends last season on "The Bachelorette." But Sean has also worked as a fitness model and posed for the cover of Muscle magazine. Suffice it to say we'll probably see a lot more of his six-pack when he stars on "The Bachelor!"

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