Will evil Cora triumph on ABC's 'Once Upon a Time'?

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Once Upon A Time

On ABC's "Once Upon a Time," the dreaded Cora has landed in Storybrooke with cohort Hook at her side, and she is looking for trouble. How far will her reign of terror stretch? Will she be successful in her evil ways, and if not, who will stop her?

Who are Cora's targets?

The obvious target of Cora's ill will is her daughter, Regina. We have already witnessed Cora's initial plan to impersonate Regina in an attempt to frame her for Archie's (Jiminy's) supposed murder. So far, her plan is working. But will Cora stop with Regina?

Cora has promised Hook that she will assist him with enacting revenge on Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold, but it seems Cora always makes her own needs a priority, and if those don't match up with what Hook wants, he will likely be disappointed. Rumplestiltskin has also shown himself as one of the (if not the) most formidable characters in terms of his wit and magic, so don't be surprised if Cora doesn't want to risk his wrath.

If Cora is successful in putting Regina behind bars, will that be enough to fulfill her insatiable need to cause her daughter pain? Perhaps not, and if that is the case, she will likely go after the one that Regina loves best: Henry.

Will Cora succeed in wreaking havoc in Storybrooke?

It is clear that Cora's magic is powerful just by the fact that the others were so set and united to keep her away. She also has an advantage because nobody knows she has arrived in Storybrooke, so she is not yet a suspect for any wrongdoing. That partnered with the way she is able to assume the form and identity of others makes her an outrageously challenging opponent for any of the magical creatures on "Once Upon a Time."

However, in fairy tales, good always eventually triumphs over evil. Cora will no doubt cause tons of trouble for Regina and likely others, as well. But when the fairy dust clears, it is hard to imagine she will be left standing.

Who will defeat Cora?

Initially our "Once Upon a Time" heroes -- Snow, Charming, Henry, and Emma -- will have to figure out that Cora has come to town. Snow and Charming have clearly, with good reason, never been big fans of Regina so assisting her in triumphing over Cora may not be their priority.

That leaves Emma and Henry. Emma has recently discovered her own ability to use magic, so don't be surprised if she harnesses and grows this ability, possibly with the assistance of Mr.Gold/Rumplestiltskin. Yet the most likely candidate to eventually take down Cora once and for all seems to be Henry. He has the most interest in protecting Regina, and from the beginning of "Once Upon a Time," he has been the one who sees and is aware of things the others all miss.

It is going to be a bumpy, bruising ride for the residents of Storybrooke with Cora in town, but eventually she will regret ever coming to visit.

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