Ew! TV characters seen eating in a morgue

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In real life, eating in a morgue probably breaks all kinds of health and safety guidelines (as well as the laws of common sense). But more often than not, TV coroners and cops alike are seen having a snack during autopsies. Sometimes gross, often funny, these TV characters are the ones most likely to be seen having a nosh while chilling in a morgue.

Woody the Coroner, "Psych"

USA's long-running comedy "Psych" has a whole cast of oddball characters, from hyperactive Shawn to trigger-happy Lassie to Henry, Shawn's dad, who has some unconventional ideas about how to raise kids. But it's Woody, the Santa Barbara PD's resident coroner, who is the quirkiest of them all. Dr. Woodrow "Woody" Strode is the character most likely to agree with Shawn's wild theories, be they killings caused by vampires or dinosaurs. He's also been seen eating from a bag of potato chips while in the midst of an autopsy. Even his ex gets into the act: One episode shows her stopping by to visit Woody with sexy snacks like homemade biscotti, or strawberries and cream.

ME Pearlmutter, "Castle"

Dr. Sidney Pearlmutter is the ME for the NYPD. Though a far more snarky medical examiner than Woody, both are definitely quirky. And both seem to like eating where they work. Dr. Pearlmutter eats his lunch on the same tables where he dissects dead bodies during autopsy. To him, it isn't gross. He argues that the disinfectants he uses in the morgue are so strong, the morgue is actually "the cleanest room in the city."

Walter Bishop, "Fringe"

Walter may just be the most food-obsessed character on TV. Because parts of his brain were removed (it's a long story), Walter uses the smell and taste of certain foods as a way to restore some of his lost memories. Unfortunately, that usually means he can be found making milkshakes or eating candy in his morgue/laboratory. He even keeps a cow named Gene in the lab and milks her. Given the unique nature of the dead bodies that show up in this morgue, eating there is an even worse idea than eating in a normal morgue.

Agent Scully, "The X-Files"

In the episode "Bad Blood," Scully is seen performing an autopsy. While examining the stomach, she notes the contents of the organ include the remains of a pizza. While she doesn't start eating a pizza or even order one, she does make the somewhat gross remarks that pizza sounds yummy to her in that moment. She's probably the type who could eat in a morgue without getting queasy.
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