Exclusive interview: Krysten Ritter embraces her inner ‘B— in Apt 23’

The sitcom star loves playing a modern girl

Exclusive interview: Krysten Ritter embraces her inner ‘B— in Apt 23’

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Krysten Ritter on "Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23."

Everyone has heard the warning by now -- "Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23." Trusting her may be a mistake, but fans are finding it hard to turn their eyes away from the hilarious destruction that Chloe leaves in her wake. That's probably because the show's star, Krysten Ritter, has managed to make devious seem charming. In a recent exclusive interview, the actress talked about her character's devilish personality and flair for fashion.

Ritter speaks her mind just like Chloe

Ritter acknowledged that despite what viewers might be expecting, she's actually shares some qualities with her onscreen persona. She revealed, "I'm definitely a girl's girl, and I like to have a good time. And I'm a little ballsy, and I speak my mind. So in that way, I have a lot in common with Chloe."

Ritter shares Chloe's love of fashion

Both Ritter and her TV alter ego also have a flair for fashion. The actress explained, "Our clothing taste overlaps a little bit. She wears some amazing clothes and shoes, which I love."

The fashionista actually gets to have some input in what Chloe wears. Ritter explained, "I have a very specific idea of how I want her to look always, and luckily our costume designer is even better at it than I am. I'm really into fashion and so is she. Her name is Leah Katznelson, and she is the best costume designer; we just have the most fun shopping."

As a result, Chloe gets to assert a wilder sense of style than Ritter does in real life. The 30-year-old actress conceded, "She's a little bit more over the top and fabulous than I am, but I love that she's a modern girl, doing her own thing, marching to her own instrument. That's what I love about her."

Chloe is shocking but funny

Throughout the course of the show, Chloe's drumbeat has made her do some pretty shocking things. She slept with her new roommate's fiancé. She intentionally sets out to ruin the life of someone she deems a "loser." And this Thanksgiving, she'll recruit June to help con her own mother, only to turn on her BFF at the end of the special holiday.

But despite all of Chloe's outrageous maneuvers, Ritter says it's fun to play the not-so-nice girl. "It's funny. Everyone laughs on set. It's just a good time. It's so fun to laugh, and I'm fortunate that I have this luxury that I go to work and laugh to tears daily. It's awesome. You get to do and say things that you can't ever do or say in real life."

Ritter loves pushing the boundaries

And Ritter admitted that she loves to see that there are no boundaries to Chloe's wickedness, acknowledging, "Push it further. You can't shock me."

In fact, she enjoys being caught off guard by each of Chloe's schemes. "Every episode I'm expecting to be shocked because I am. Every episode my jaw is on the ground at some point. We get away with murder every week," Ritter confessed.

Watch as the wackiness ensues each week when " Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23 " airs on Tuesday nights at 9:30 PM on ABC.

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