Exclusive Video: Hell's Kitchen Returns with More Cursing and... Puppets?!

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Hell's Kitchen is back with more meltdowns, more cursing and... puppets?!

When Fox's culinary competition show kicks off its 11th season with a two-hour episode on Tuesday at 8/7c, Chef Gordon Ramsay has fashioned an all-new form of torture for the 20 contestants. For the first time ever, contestants will have to present their signature dishes in front of a live audience in Las Vegas. And while the winning team gets a night on the town in Sin City, the losers will board a school bus for an uncomfortable and unglamorous eight-hour journey back to Los Angeles.

Hell's Kitchen Diner's Confessional: I didn't go hungry!

Over the course of the competition, the chefs will take part in a grueling obstacle course, tackle farm animals (both live and butchered) and prepare meals for world-renowned athletes. What else can we expect for Season 11? Check out this exclusive sneak peek:

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Hell's Kitchen premieres on Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.


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