Exclusive: 'The Walking Dead's' Laurie Holden dishes on hardcore fans, and Andrea’s evolution and survival

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It's no secret that "The Walking Dead " has been a mega-huge hit for AMC. The storytelling and character development have captivated TV fans regardless of their propensity for horror. On "TWD," the world, of course, has been turned inside out since the zombie apocalypse. Rick Grimes and the rest of the crew have survived unspeakable terrors. One character who has endured a major personal transformation is Andrea, played by Laurie Holden.

Laurie sat down to chat about her character's evolution, her relationship with The Governor, and how "Walking Dead" fans need to give Andrea a bit more credit. Holden did give us a bit of info on what we can expect from her character, Andrea, this season.

Your character Andrea went through a huge transformation from the beginning of the series to now. Granted the zombie apocalypse will do that to someone. Are you happy with the way Andrea evolved since the show started?

Oh, that is a tricky question. I love that fact that in Season 1, my character was someone who was able to fully explore grief and honor Robert Kirkman's storytelling in terms of her relationship with Amy: the passing of that and what it meant. I loved going into Season 2 and exploring the many faucets of grief, because there are many. There is anger, rage, and isolation. How she emerged to be a badass at the end of Season 2 was great.

Season 3 is very interesting. I know that a lot of the fans are a little freaked out. I don't blame them. It is a huge departure from the graphic novel and is something that no one expected. You take this beloved character that Robert Kirkman created and that the fans were really supporting when she got separated from the group. Now they have her romantically involved with the sociopathic villain so, of course, fans are in an outrage. I completely get it. There would be something wrong if they were not.

Watching you be suicidal in a few episodes, we all were wondering your fate. Were you going to take your life or not was on every fan's mind. How much did you know about what was going to happen to your character during that story arc?

I always knew. That's why I was able to really, really dive into it. I'm not interested in playing the victim. I like stories about survivors. What made that character interesting to me was that she was a victim. She was depressed. She wanted to die, but I knew that she was going to come out of it. I loved that storytelling. I loved seeing a girl who lost everything and had no will to live, who got it together and was like, "You know what, I want to live. I want to be a better person and I want to help with the group." That is a story I love telling.

Andrea has experienced a lot since she got split up from the group. If you do get to reunite with the Rick and the rest of the team, you guys will have a lot to discuss. Some of crew is no longer alive. How hard will that affect Andrea?

There is so much that she doesn't know. First of all, she doesn't even know right now that Rick and the group are alive, let alone out there. So I think coming in contact with any of them would be the greatest blessing ever. That is her family, her apocalyptic family. So I think that to learn or to know that any of them are alive would be the greatest gift in the world.

There is no animosity or bad feelings there. It is a misunderstanding. She doesn't know if she was left behind or abandoned or if they separated. She knows they are good people. It is all very confusing and a lot of time has passed. It is not like she is sitting in Woodbury saying, "Oh yeah, all my friends they are right over there." That is not the situation. So to all those people that are saying, "What are you doing and why are you not with them?" It is like, I don't know that they are alive.

You have been on other great shows like "The X-Files" and "The Shield," but now with Twitter, you are talking with fans about Andrea and the show. What is it like to get such an immediate response from fans?

It is very unique. First of all, I am new to Twitter. So I am still trying to figure it all out. It is a blessing and a curse. I feel defensive about my character because I really love Andrea, and we share the same heart. This is a character I played for three seasons. It has been blood, sweat, and tears. I love my "Walking Dead" family. This is the best job I ever had. When people get so annoyed with her, it is so hard for me. I know her heart is in the right place. The audience sees things that Andrea doesn't. Andrea walked into this nirvana and has a chance at a normal life.

Will we see any new regulars added to the main cast at the end of this season?

Most definitely.

Can you tell us anything that will happen to Andrea or on the show for the rest of this season?

Well, I can tell you that the mid-season finale is going to make people throw their television sets out the window. I am almost apologetic to the world because I can't believe we are leaving them hanging like that. It is almost cruel. I really can't say anything without giving something away. But I again I can say that her (Andrea) heart is pure. The journey is a tough one, but she won't let you down.

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