What to Expect in 'Supernatural' Season 9: Will There Be a Season 10?

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What to Expect in 'Supernatural' Season 9: Will There Be a Season 10?

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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins at ComicCon.

We're more than halfway through Season 8 of "Supernatural," and it's been announced that Season 9 is on the way. It's the quickest the show has ever been renewed. Instead of waiting, fans can now start speculating about what's to come for the Winchesters and their dwindling friends in Season 9. Does the show still have enough ideas to keep viewers interested? Here's what is known about Season 9 and what these tidbits of information might mean for Season 10.

Castiel returns in Season 9 as a regular character

Angel fans, rejoice! Throughout Season 8, Castiel was only cast as a recurring character, which means he only popped up now and then in a few episodes. That's about to change, because TV Line announced that Misha Collins will reprise the role of Castiel in Season 9 -- but this time as a series regular. That means he'll be around in tons more episodes, and therefore play a bigger part in the plot. This also tells fans that Castiel isn't going to die, again, by the end of Season 8. It's safe to assume that he won't be an enemy, because otherwise he wouldn't be a series regular hanging out with the Winchesters.

Metatron to play bigger role in Season 8 and Season 9

Prophet Kevin explained to everyone that an angel named Metatron made the tablets, all of the tablets. SpoilerTV announced that Metatron will make an appearance by the end of Season 8 and could continue to make appearances in Season 9. He's been described as a cross between "Obi Wan Kenobi and Keyser Soze." Maybe he's a wise good guy that has spent years hiding out, but will do anything it takes to reach his goal once he's found -- even if it means taking out the people on his side and those closest to him. He's good but ruthless. The Winchesters could certainly use someone like him, but there is the chance he's the bad guy.

What would Metatron's existence mean for Kevin?

If Metatron is the good guy, what will happen to Kevin? The Winchesters wouldn't need him to read the tablets, anymore. If that was the case, why even introduce him in the first place? If Metatron is a villain, Kevin could be the only person who could stop him -- having read the tablets and Metatron's extra notes. Could Kevin actually become a big player in the game?

Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles to direct episodes in Season 9

Jensen Ackles has directed a few episodes of "Supernatural," but it will be a first for Misha Collins in Season 9. He said in an interview with TV Line that his biggest directing fear is Jared Padalecki. The jokster will make it difficult for him, he knows. Fans have enjoyed Ackles behind the camera, and now they will get to see what it's like when Collins has control.

Will there be a 'Supernatural' Season 10?

Is it way too soon to start speculating about Season 10? Not necessarily. "Supernatural" was renewed quickly for a Season 9, and the CW knows that "Supernatural" is its biggest moneymaker. The show even has conventions all over the world. The channel will likely try to milk the show for all it's worth. Also, both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are under contract for a Season 9 and Season 10, as long as the show is renewed. If Season 9 does well and keeps bringing in moola, then Season 10 is likely because the actors are already secured.

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