Fall television premieres: Which shows clicked with audiences?

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It is the beginning of the fall television season, and each new show premieres with the hopes of landing a big audience. Some will rise to the occasion, while others will fall flat. With competition as tough as ever, many might see the ax sooner than others. Here is a look at some of the freshman shows that have already aired their debuts, and how they fared with viewers.

"The Mob Doctor" (Fox)

Things don't seem to be looking good for Dr. Grace Devlin (Jordana Spiro), and we are not just talking about the bind she finds herself thrown into in Fox's "The Mob Doctor." Nope, if the premiere numbers were any indication, this show might be one of the first to see the ax, especially with a poor 1.5 rating among the coveted 18- to 49-year-old demographic.

"Revolution" (NBC)

Looks like NBC has a reason to smile. Not only is "The Voice" doing well during its time period, but it looks like one of its new shows might be a bona fide hit. "Revolution," the show about life without modern technology, debuted strong with 11.65 million viewers, and a strong 4.1 rating among 18- to 49-year-olds. To put this in perspective, this is the highest rated debut in three years, and NBC's highest in five. But only time will tell if "Revolution" will turn out to be a breakout hit or slide down as each week passes by.

"The New Normal" (NBC)

A personal new favorite among the crop of freshman shows, Ryan Murphy's "The New Normal" debuted to a decent 2.5 rating, but slipped to a 2.2 rating and just over 6 million viewers when moved to its current night. That is a big drop from its lead show, Matthew Perry's "Go On," which scored a 3.3 rating and 9 million overall viewers, although still up from the show that follows: "Parenthood," which received a 1.8 rating and just over 5 million viewers. If you want to put this in cancellation terms, "The New Normal" may be a bubble show like "Parenthood," however since that one has stuck around for a while, so might "The New Normal."

"Animal Practice" NBC

Though it has not officially premiered, NBC did offer a sample of "Animal Practice" (as it did with "Go On") during its Olympic coverage. If the numbers are correct, with a 4.1 18- to 49 year-old rating and 12.8 million viewers, then NBC could have a surprise hit on its hands. However, without such a lead in (and bad press), it could also have another failure. Even if it does fail, the monkey is just charming enough to hopefully have a long, more fruitful career.

Which new shows are you watching?

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