What fans expect from the next season of 'True Blood'

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Well, the most recent season of "True Blood" certainly went out with a bang, showing us a whole new (and very dangerous) side of Bill, as well as seeing the final appearances of some of the show's more appealing (and dangerous) vampire characters. All of this leaves us asking…what's next? Here are some of the things we expect from the next season.

Better fairies

So far, the fairies have been little more than a running punchline within the series. However, this doesn't mean their storyline doesn't have some truly amazing stuff embedded within it. At the same time, we have to recognize that it will take some truly great writing talent to bring the fairies out of their punch-line purgatory and make them as appealing, and as grown-up, as the vampires and various weres and others that populate the series.

Tighter storylines

Although the most recent season was certainly better about keeping the storylines concise and tightly woven, there were still some storylines that felt out of place and tangential in the worst way (I'm looking at you, Lafayette and Terry). If the show really wants to keep its own energy going, it really needs to focus in and fully develop the stories of a few of its stronger characters (such as Alcide) and forget about, once and for all, those that really can't hold their own.

Fewer main characters

Along the same lines, the series really needs to push some of its bloated cast into the background. Characters such as Andy, Arlene, et al really do little except distract us from much more interesting characters with actual development arcs, such as Pam, Tara, and even Jessica. Again, if the series wants to make sure that its ratings stay up and that it doesn't lapse into complete absurdity, it really needs to make sure that the characters that really matter, and that can carry a truly strong storyline, remain central.

So, while the most recent finale saw the death of the great Russell (a notable departure from the books, by the way), there are still some significant and very likeable characters left. We just have to wait and make sure that the writers and producers give these characters something to do, rather than wasting valuable air time telling us about characters and stories that are not just tangential, but just not that interesting to watch.

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