What Do Fans Know About Dr. Maggie on 'General Hospital'?

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The stories surrounding some of our favorite "General Hospital" characters have been a little odd in recent weeks. The writers are trying to keep viewership up, but it looks like they are grasping at straws with the latest twists and turns. Right now, there are multiple semi-stories going on, while the main focus has been on Jason/Sam and Carly/Shawn. Introducing a new character while in the middle of November sweeps was either genius or ridiculous. The newest addition is mysterious, and she also enjoys breaking protocol to get what she wants. This is what we know about Maggie (Kodi Kitchen) and what we can expect from her character in the future.

Fans think she killed Lisa

In the days leading up to meeting Maggie, we saw a clown dancing around General Hospital and passing out candy. The mask was a little over the top, and it was apparent the body underneath belonged to a woman. We were also given glimpses of her cutting out the announcement of police finding Dr. Lisa Niles' body in the water. Right before Maggie was seen at the hospital, we saw a woman in scrubs leave her room and the clown mask was propped in a chair by the door. What we can't figure out is why Maggie would want Lisa dead.

She likes to break rules

It is apparent she is a good pediatrician, but there will be problems between her and Robin. When Maggie had Luke fake a diversion of a possible heart attack, she was able to get the results of Jake's tests faster. Robin was unimpressed. Steve knows how she is, and still chose to bring her on staff at General Hospital. This will not only cause drama, but also if Maggie continues to break the rules, patients could be compromised.

She has something for Steve

It is common knowledge that she and Steve worked together at a hospital in Memphis. It looks as though they may have had a relationship during their time working with one another. Some fans are beginning to wonder whether or not Maggie is set to play another role like Lisa's. It is entirely possible, especially with her being connected to the murder. The way Maggie looked at Steve was enough to send up warning signs for Olivia, so there is definitely something there. The question still remains, what is it?

Bringing Maggie on just to make her another psycho doctor would be a complete waste. "General Hospital" writers are known for recycling stories, but this would be too much too soon for many fans. They should consider what the fans are talking about now, and implement some of the suggestions. If not, the show could be in for some trouble.

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