Fans Waiting for News on Season 5 of 'Destination Truth'

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One thing Josh Gates and the "Destination Truth" team should probably start looking for is the start of their show. They could start by scouring the Syfy landscape to find out when Season 5 of the series will make its debut. While the information out there seems pretty sketchy concerning early 2012, here we are almost a month and a half in, and still no word on when the show will return.

Of course, fans of the DT team are probably eagerly awaiting some information on when Josh and company will start traveling the globe looking for vampires (hope they find a sparkly one and deal with it) and other beasts. However, the recent report from Seeking Alpha that highlights some changes at Syfy could mean good news for anyone looking to enjoy a few more episodes of "Destination Truth." Finding the delicate balance between reality/unscripted and scripted shows, like "Warehouse 13" is probably going to be a difficult task for the new folks at the network.

"Destination Truth" remains one of the more entertaining shows on television. However, it is not because the team might find a monster. It is entertaining because the team could find a monster and they are still running around in the dark in strange places without a second thought. If nothing else, this has to be one of the bravest casts on television, and not because they always land such questionable rental cars.

With any luck, some information on the fate of the show will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, because the calendar will be moving into the middle of 2012 and Season 5 seems to be already filmed. Until then fans will have to rely on DVDs, Netflix, or Hulu to keep their DT fix in check.

However, one of the big questions that fans likely have is: What's up with the delay? The no news factor is a bit alarming, and it does not take night-vision goggles or a perimeter sweep to think that Syfy might be up to something. It is only early February and "Destination Truth" could pop up at any minute, it seemed like a nice pairing with "Ghost Hunters."

Of course, Josh Gates might be busy getting ready for a "Warehouse 13" guest spot, because he already has experience searching for things so he might as well start searching for artifacts in South Dakota. That and he and Eddie McClintock would be a real hoot to watch on TV.

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