The fantastic young actors in 'Game of Thrones'

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Throughout its first two seasons the HBO series "Game of Thrones" has shown it has a talent for bringing out the best in its younger actors. Indeed, these young characters often steal the show, proving once again that you don't necessarily have to be an adult to deliver a truly astounding and moving performance.


When it comes to powerful and dynamic young characters, Arya definitely springs to mind. With her fiery determination and her ability to survive anything and everything thrown at her, Arya has shown time and again that she is a character to be reckoned with, and that she will exact a terrible vengeance on those responsible for the destruction of her family. Maisie Williams truly deserves a great deal of credit for taking what could have been a trite role and turning it into something truly beautiful and brilliant.


Likewise, actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright has managed to bring an aura of bruised and battered innocence to the character of Bran, with the result that, for all he may seem tangential to the main storylines of the show, he still manages to capture the screen in some very compelling ways. Bran ends up being one of the strongest characters, as he has to contend with events and misfortunes that no young person should ever have to deal with, including the death of his family, the betrayal of Theon Greyjoy, and his subsequent flight into the wilderness of the brutal and unforgiving North.


Finally, we come to Joffrey, fantastically (if somewhat brutally) brought to malicious life by the talented actor Jack Glesson. If ever there was a young character that you loved to hate, it would have to be Joffrey. However, you have to give Gleeson a great deal of credit for playing this character to the hilt, making Joffrey into someone that we can truly hate. It takes a great deal of talent to make a character so utterly despicable that you can find nothing about him to like or sympathize with, but that is exactly what Gleeson has done, and he deserves respect and kudos for doing so.

Clearly, there is a ton of talent in "Game of Thrones," and not all of it is found among the adult cast. With some new young members set to join the cast, the third season will probably give these outstanding young people more opportunities to shine.

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