Far from egg-cellent: TV chefs who can’t cook eggs to save their life

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Eggs are a good source of protein and used to make all kinds of culinary creations from creamy hollandaise sauce to airy cheese souffles. But despite the fact that eggs play a major role in all kinds of popular gourmet foods, many would-be chefs just can't seem to crack the art of cooking the perfect egg.

From "Top Chef" to "Kitchen Nightmares," viewers won't soon forget these bad eggs of the culinary world.

"Top Chef"

In the season premiere of "Top Chef" Season 10, the competitors were broken up into four groups and each given a culinary challenge. Some chefs had to make soup, while others had to work the line in a restaurant kitchen. But perhaps most entertaining was the group who had to make an omelette for celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.

Out of all the contenders in the omelette challenge, the guy who came out on the bottom was Daniel O'Brien, a chef from D.C. Dan's omelette was a visual disaster, and the amount of slick bacon grease that coated his omelette was totally unacceptable, especially given Puck's explicit story about a greasy omelette from his past.

"Kitchen Nightmares"

In the very first episode of the U.K. "Kitchen Nightmares" series, Chef Gordon Ramsay encountered a "head chef" working at a restaurant called Bonaparte's. But Tim Gray, this so-called "chef," couldn't even cook an omelette. This basic food was too much for Tim's brain to handle, and the eggy disaster he served to Chef Ramsay was rubbery and just plain nasty.


Speaking of Gordon Ramsay, another Ramsay-hosted cooking program also featured egg-centric disasters. The third season of "MasterChef" featured a Pressure Test that was all about cooking eggs perfectly. Monti, Becky, and Josh all had to make a perfect omelette, a sunny-side up egg, a soft-boiled egg, and a poached egg in under 20 minutes. Despite being a strong competitor, Josh utterly bungled the challenge. His sunny-side up egg and omelette were both under-seasoned, and his boiled egg was basically still raw. Needless to say, he got sent home.

"Hell's Kitchen"

In the premiere of Season 3 of the U.S. version of "Kitchen Nightmares," contestant Julia and the rest of her team (the red team) couldn't seem to master the art of frying quail eggs. The eggs were so badly cooked that Chef Ramsay referred to them as being like "silicone implants." Julia had a bit of a breakdown when her team wouldn't let her near the eggs.

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