Fernanda’s Goal in ‘Corazón Valiente’

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Fernanda del Castillo has one goal in "Corazón Valiente." She wants to destroy the entire family of Juan Marcos and is using everyone to help her get revenge. Fernanda has already destroyed many lives, but she is far from finished.

Fernanda's Purpose

Episode 1 of "Corazón Valiente" clearly established Fernanda's purpose, and she has not wavered from it. Fernanda describes her hatred for Juan Marcos and her decision to eliminate his entire family. She blames him for losing her baby because he accidentally pushed her down the stairs while she was pregnant. She has never been able to forgive him for this incident because the fall has prevented her from having any other children.

An Alliance With Luis

Fernanda del Castillo joins forces with Luis Martínez, who was once married to Ángela Valdez, to destroy the family of Juan Marcos. She hires the violent drug addict to help her plan the murders. Luis and Fernanda eventually start an affair, but she continues to treat him like a hired servant before trying to destroy him.

Getting Revenge

Fernanda's plans start the way she expects them, but there are obstacles that eventually block her from destroying everyone on her list. First, she successfully murders the parents of Juan Marcos and eventually kills his wife. She also plots the assassination of his daughter, sister, and Ángela. Fernanda kills an inspector who is investigating the deaths, tries to poison Ángela's daughter, and murders several bodyguards.

The Ugly Duckling

Fernanda is also suffering from the ugly duckling syndrome because in her youth she was unattractive and bullied. Despite many surgeries to change her appearance, she has not forgotten her past. Although she had a relationship with Juan Marcos that led to her pregnancy, the loss of her baby made her lose her mind. Her first victim is Gonzalo because she wrongly believes that he pushed her down the stairs. Fernanda eventually discovers that Juan Marcos is responsible, but admits that being a killer is natural for her.

No Value for Human Life

Fernanda sees no value in human life, so it is easy for her to commit multiple crimes. Her conscience does not bother her because her frigid personality is not capable of feeling emotions. She is a classic psychopath who is capable of hiding her real identity beneath a veneer of charm. The death toll is rising as Fernanda continues to get her revenge.

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