Five Shows Fans of 'The Mentalist' Should Check Out

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"The Mentalist" (10 p.m. Thursdays on CBS) has developed a great following. While Simon Baker is great as Patrick Jane, the show often resorts to more of an ensemble cast. The entire slate of characters have interesting, if somewhat unexplored backstories, that impact the other players. Shows like "The Mentalist" often focus on a formula to solve a problem. Fortunately, this is a winning formula for this show and the fans. However, there are a few other shows that fans of "The Mentalist" should definitely check out:


Any show with a strong male lead can be fairly compared to "The Mentalist." The Fox medical drama "House" showcases a tortured and often downright mean doctor who uses keen intellect and powers of analysis and observation to solve various rare medical problems. Just as Patrick Jane concocts some sort of unorthodox plan to catch a killer, Greg House uses his abrasive manner to help his patients.


While classifying a show like "The Mentalist" is tough, "Bones" is perhaps its equivalent. Both shows are part drama, part comedy, and often part romance. Both shows represent some of the finest examples in writing on television today. "Bones" follows the adventures of an FBI agent, Seely Booth, and his scientist partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, as they solve crimes and investigate strange deaths. Booth and Brennan are very similar to Jane and Lisbon. While "Bones" is more hardcore science than "The Mentalist," both shows have top notch casts with great chemistry.

"Lie to Me"

"Lie to Me" might have more in common with "The Mentalist" than any other show on this list. The primary reason being that "Lie to Me" involves Dr. Cal Lightman being able to extract the truth from a variety of suspects by reading facial expressions and other means. While the show lacks the slick-witted smoothness of Simon Baker, Tim Roth usually delivers a great performance. "Lie to Me" can shift gears quickly, just like "The Mentalist," and any fan who loves that change of pace should definitely check it out.


"CSI" is the old kid on the block, as far as procedural dramas are concerned. "CSI" is the lead in show for "The Mentalist," and it often proves just as entertaining. While character development can seem somewhat stymied on "CSI," often due to the size of the cast and the complexity of the science being used, the show offers some interesting and insightful characters just like "The Mentalist." Of course, the main point of comparison is that both shows use a certain formula, one scientific and one not so much scientific, to solve crimes.


"Survivor" is a reality based competition show, where a group of normal people are placed in relative isolation. During this isolation, competitions are held for rewards or immunity. The immunity challenges are vital to making sure the players do not get voted off the show by their cast mates. The mind games present on "Survivor" would make Patrick Jane's head spin, and anyone who appreciates a good scam or two would do well to check out what is going on with "Survivor."

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