Flavor of the Month: 10 Classic TV Episodes About Ice Cream

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July is National ice Cream Month-- and in honor of that cool fact, we've decided to run down some of the top ice-cream themed episodes in television history. From plain ol' vanilla to rocky road, here's the scoop on the top TV episodes about ice cream!

"Ricky Has Labor Pains"- ("I Love Lucy,"1953 ). Lucy may be having a baby, but it's hubby Ricky who's feeling the pain. Not only that--he's getting sympathy cravings. The delicacy of choice for this wacky duo? Ice cream with sardines. Can you say "Ewwwww?"

"Tutti Frutti Ice Cream"- ("The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, "1957) . Speaking of cravings, in this 1950s comedy, Ozzie Nelson and his pal Darby roam the streets of Hillsdale and pull an all-nighter to find their ice cream flavor of choice: Tutti frutti. Wouldn't it have been easier to just order vanilla?

"Wally the Businessman"- ("Leave It To Beaver," 1960 ). In this sugary sweet sitcom, the Beav's big brother decides to start his own business as an Igloo ice cream vendor. But when he lets all his friends buy on credit, he's soon playing collection agency instead.

"Lucy Is a Soda Jerk"- (""The Lucy Show," 1963 ). No longer with her dashing Ricky, a single Lucy (and her BFF, Viv!) fill in for Lucy's daughter at Wilbur's Ice Cream Shop. But if you think Lucy's candy factory mishap on "I Love Lucy" was bad, it was nothing next to this sticky mess. She does memorize the shop's ice cream flavors, though, mastering every flavor in a sing-song rhyme that concludes with the flavor of the month: Kumquat.

"Marcia Gets Creamed"- ("The Brady Bunch,"1973 ). Marcia, Marcia....Jan? This is the one episode of the classic 1970s series where middle sister Jan actually outshines her older sister-slash-nemesis, Marcia. When the girls get jobs at Haskell's Ice Cream Parlor, Mr. Haskell decides that he only needs one of them--and Jan is the better worker. But before she hangs up her ice cream scoop for good, Marcia makes a special sundae for her one-time boyfriend, Jeff, and the groovy new date he brings into the shop. Let the whipped cream spraying begin!

"Junior Businessman" - ("Silver Spoons,"1983 ). Sure, this kid was born with a silver ice cream scoop in his mouth. But when Ricky Stratton (Rick Schroeder) attempts to manage an ice cream shop for a week for a school project, well...let's just say he's lucky to have that silver spoon to fall back on.

"We all Scream for Ice Cream"- ("Charmed,"2001 ). P is for Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and...popsicle? Don't be deceived by that cheery ice cream truck music! On this episode of the supernatural drama, the ice cream man may not be as sweet as you think. The Halliwell sisters trace the neighborhood ice cream truck when children start to go missing, then collide with some kids who are truly demonic. Must be all that sugar.

"Mama Cast"- ("King of Queens,"2006 ). Doug Heffernan spends his tax refund on an ice cream truck, much to the chagrin of his wife. But he soon learns the ice cream biz can be brutal when a rival ice cream vendor tries to knock him off of his turf. Literally.

"I Scream, You Scream"- ("Phineas and Ferb,"2008). Ice cream is on the menu on this Disney animated series, when stepbrothers Phineas and Ferb attempt to make the biggest ice cream sundae in the world for a friend who just had her tonsils out. But in the end it's evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz who gets covered in mint ice cream!

"Ice Cream for Ke$ha" - ("Victorious,"2011) . In an attempt to win a private concert by Ke$ha, performing arts student Tori and her posse have to dig through a zillion cartons of ice cream to spell the name of the pop star. As her pal Jade says after downing multiple pints of the frozen stuff: "This is painful...and not in a good way."

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